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This wiki article describes a collection that is available for free online at FamilySearch Record Search – Pilot Site. To access the collection, see Rhode Island State Census, 1915

Collection Time Period

The official date of this census is April 15, 1915.

Collection History

Rhode Island began taking its own census every ten years beginning in 1865. Includes most individuals within the counties enumerated.

Why This Collection Was Created

The state census was taken in order to enumerate the population for representation purposes.

Collection Reliability

Censuses are usually reliable, depending on the knowledge of the informant and the care of the census enumerator. Information may have been given to a census taker by any member of the family or by a neighbor. Some information may have been incorrect or deliberately falsified.

Collection Description

Population schedules were handwritten on printed forms by the enumerators. They are arranged by county and community. 

Collection Content

Key genealogical facts found in the Rhode Island State Census for the year 1915 are:

  • Name of individuals living in the household on April 15, 1915 (Children born after April 15 were to be omitted)
  • Residence
  • Age
  • Birth place
  • Birth place of parents
  • Sex
  • Race
  • Naturalization status
  • Occupation and employment status 

How To Use The Collection

Census records are the best source to quickly identify a family group and residence. Use the place of residence and the birthplace for each person along with his or her age to search for birth information. The census identifies other persons in the household. The census may identify persons for whom other records do not exist.

Bibliographic Information

Rhode Island. 1915 state census, population schedule. Rhode Island State Archives, Providence, Rhode Island.

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