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[[Category:Beginners]] [[Category:"New to Genealogy"]]
[[Category:Beginners]] [[Category:New to Genealogy]]

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Connect with others to get answers to your genealogy questions.

Research Help - Phone or Chat

Call or chat with a research help volunteer with experience where you are researching:

FamilySearch Centers - in person help
Williamsburg FHC Computer workstations.JPG

  • FamilySearch offers a network of 4,600 facilities offering public access to genealogical records from all over the world. These range from the world's largest in Salt Lake City to locations in more than 120 countries.
  • Volunteer staff at FamilySearch centers provide free, personal help.
Locate a FamilySearch Center.

Online Research Communities
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  • FamilySearch offers more than 100 online communities.
  • FamilySearch volunteers facilitate free research within these communities. Find a research community on: