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We are excited to announce the creation of several online research communities powered by FamilySearch, and would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join! These communities are being created to help you and others researching in the same area to:
  • collaborate on your research,
  • ask questions of each other, and
  • share knowledge you have gained as you've done your own research in that area.

Scroll down for instructions to join. There are groups in the following areas:

North America

Mexico CityHemetCAIllinoisNew YorkCommunity NA Skype.gif
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Illinois, United States
New York, United States
Hemet, California, United States

Mexico City, Mexico



SwedenEnglandCommunity Europe Skype.gif
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To join a Skype group:

  1. Download the Skype program at and register for an account.
  2. Add the following as a contact: "familysearch.research".  As part of the contact request you send, be sure to add that you would like to be added to a specific genealogy research group.
    (see instructions for adding contacts)
  3. Join in the discussions! It's that easy.
    (see instructions for sending a message)
  4. Learn more about Skype with the Skype User's Guide.


  • I would like to see a community started for ____________, could you create one?
  • Since this is a pilot program, only a few limited localities are being created now. If you would like to have a group created for a location you are researching:
  • Go to the Discussion page and click to edit the page. (You must be signed in to edit.)
  • Add a note about which groups you'd like to see next.
  • After your request, add ~~~. That will sign your username to the request and allow us to notify you when a community is created for that area.

  • Additional questions?
  • Ask on the Discussion page. Edit the page and add your question to the bottom.
  • Be sure to add ~~~ after your question to sign your name to it.