Request a Vault Film before Visiting the Family History Library

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How to order films from the Granite Mountain Record Vault

Not all microfilms listed in the Family History Library Catalog are stored at the Family History Library. Some microfilms are stored in the Granite Mountain Records Vault. Catalog entries for vault films contain the word Vault above their film numbers.

Vault film listing in FHLC

In order to view these films at the library you must order them from the vault. It may take up to three days for a microfilm to be delivered to the library.

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Library tab.
  3. Click the Preparing to Visit the Library.
  4. Scroll down to number 6 in the list. Click Click here to e-mail us your request.

To call in an order by telephone, call (801) 240-7378 for films with records from the United States and Canada, (801) 240-7379 for films with records from the British Isles, and (801) 240-2334 for films from any other country. To fax in your order call (801) 240-1924.

Note that films marked "vault" in the Family History Library catalog can be ordered to a Family History Center just like any other film.