Rayado, Colfax County, New Mexico, 1860 Settlers

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1860 Settlers in Rayado, New MexicoTerritory. Source: 1860 US Census

Colfax County was not yet formed. rayado was then in Mora County.

The following is an alphabetical list of 356 settlers living in Rayado. Listed by Head of Household, followed by the number of persons in hishousehold including servants and workers.

Family Heads

Abreu, Jesus  (7)  f

Apodaca, Juan (7) laborer

Arguello, Juan (4) laborer

Basques, Juan (7) mayor

Cruz, Jose Gregorio, (3) laborer

Espinosa, Cristoval (8) laborer

Fisher, George (8) laborer

Gonzales, Juan  (6) blacksmith

Gurule, Juan Napo. (4) labor

Jaramillo, Matias (6 ) laborer

Lucero, Jose Reyes (8) f

Madrid, Ilario (8) Blacksmith

Martinez, jose Leandro (7)  f

Martinez, Nestor  (3)  f

Mestas, (4) laborer

Miera, Jesus Maria (4) laborer

Montoya, Jose Reyes (2) laborer

Nelson, Jesse (6) f

Olivas, Jose Ygnacio (4) laborer

Olivas, Juana Maria (4) laborer

Ribera, Juan Antonio (6)  f

Romero, Encarnacion (4) f

Salazar, Tomas (3) laborer

Sanchez, Aniceto (5) f

Sanchez, Vicente (3) f

Sandoval, Jose Maria (6) Laborer

Says, Antonio (3) f

Segura, Antonio (3) laborer

Silva, Jesus (7)  hunter

Sisneros, Jose (2) laborer

Tafoya, Josae Antonio (8) hunter

Trujillo, Antonio (3) laborer

Trujillo, Bartolo (4) f

Trujillo, Jose Antonio (3) laborer

Trujillo, Pablo (5) laborer

Trujillo, Silverio (2) farmer

Trujillo, Vidal  (13) f

Valdez, Gregorio (9) f

Valdez, Jose (3) laborer

Valdez, Jose Antonio (5) laborer

Valdez, Jose Guadalupe (3) laborer

Vigil, Ramon (7) laborer