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RSS Feeds can save a researcher time by receiving notification about new information or updates added to a website, or receive daily podcasts on genealogy topics. RSS Feeds lets the computer do the searching.
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What is an RSS Feed?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication [RSS 2.0]; RDF Site Summary [RSS 1.0 and RSS 0.90]; and Rich Site Summary [RSS 0.91]). It allows the user to receive notification when new material is added to a website of interest. In some ways it is similar to tuning in to a radio station, and receiving the news, however, RSS lets the user choose the type of information or news that is received. [1]

What are the Benefits of RSS Feeds?

Wikipedia has more about this subject: RSS

RSS feeds can be thought of as a stream of information from website updates, blog posts and other similiar content changes or additions.  Like any stream, they are easily tapped for consumption.

Genealogy and other researchers frequently subscribe to feeds from websites of interest so they receive notification of new materials, thus saving frequent manual reviews of the site(s).

RSS Subscription Tools

Subscription to RSS feeds can be accomplished by numerous methods such as RSS readers, web browsers and email applications.

RSS Readers

There are many RSS reader applications available for use as demonstrated by a search for the term on the Internet.

To use the reader, log in with your Google credentials and add the RSS feed addresses of the sites you wish to follow
FeedDemon is a downloadable application that must be installed on your computer.

Web Browsers

All major web browsers have RSS feed subscription tools built in them. Subscriptions to RSS feeds is easily implemented in them.

Browsers are updated frequently.  Current RSS feed subscripion instructions are found via an Internet search.

Email Applications

Less popular than dedicated RSS readers or web browsers, email applications like Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook and Opera Mail can all be used to subscribe to RSS feeds.

Like web browsers, email applications are frequently updated. Current instructions about RSS subscriptions can be found in an Internet search.

Online email applications typically do not include RSS feed subscription tools.

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