Quebec Court Records

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Court records are seldom used in Québec genealogical research. However, there are other legal records that are useful. Notarial records include wills, deeds, and marriage contracts that often give family information. They are filed in the judicial archives. See the "Notarial Records" section of this outline and the "Court Records" and "Notarial Records" sections of the Canada Research Outline (34545).

Since the 1760s, criminal law in Québec has been based on the English common law. The civil law is based on French law. Many revisions have been made to the old coûtume de Paris (Custom of Paris), the code of laws in effect during years of French government. Some transcriptions of notable cases during the French régime are useful. They have been published in some genealogical periodicals (see the "Periodicals" section of this outline).