Quebec, Canada Genealogy

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  • the largest Canadian province
  • located in eastern Canada
  • capital city is Quebec City
  • Quebec is a French-speaking province.
  • flower - the Blue Flag, tree - Yellow Birch, bird - Snowy Owl
  • The Algonquin called Quebec "Kebe," meaning "the place where the river narrows."
  • motto - "Je me souviens," which is French for "I remember".

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  • The land is divided into three regions:
  1. Canadian Shield
  2. St. Lawrence Lowlands
  3. Appalachian Mountains
  • The St. Lawrence River (3800 km long) links Quebec to the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Ships sail inland on the St. Lawrence River.
  • Quebec has more fresh water than any other province.
  • There are more than one million lakes and waterways.
  • Forest covers half of Quebec (the most forest in Canada).

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