Putting Photos and Documents as Memories in FamilySearch Family Tree

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Family Tree Training

Photos and Documents as Memories in FS FamilyTree.png

** NEW Steps with Pictures Guide, 23 December 2017 --

"Putting Photos and Documents as Memories in FS Family Tree"

What's Up[edit | edit source]

"Guide to Attaching Photos and Documents to an Individual in FS Family Tree as a Memory. This Lesson guide contains written STEPS with PICTURES that show how to add and tag both photos and documents and place them in a person’s Memories page.

Photos and Documents enable us to draw closer to our ancestors, enrich our understanding of their lives, and give us a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves. It is through FamilySearch Family Tree that individual and family group photos and documents can be labeled (tagged), preserved and viewed by posterity.

Some documents, like certificates, awards, memorabilia, etc. (those artifacts that one might display on the wall) should be placed in Family Tree under Memories. The STEPS guide below provides specific directions and visuals about how to attach these images to a person in Family Tree. On the other hand, documents that establish/verify the vital events (birth, marriage, and death) of one’s life should be entered as Sources in Family Tree.
(To learn how to put documents in FT as sources, look over the following STEPS with PICTURES Guides-- "Attaching FamilySearch (FS) Records to Family Tree Using the Source Linker" and "Putting Documents as Sources in FamilySearch Family Tree".)

STEPS with Pictures Guide[edit | edit source]

Putting Photos & Documents as Memories in FT 1-14-2017.PNG

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Other FT Entry/Intermediate Task Guides(STEPS with Pictures)[edit | edit source]

1. Attaching FamilySearch (FS) Records to Family Tree Using the Source Linker
2. Putting Documents as Sources in FamilySearch Family Tree

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