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Sippenkartei Jerichow II

In the Magdeburg Archives you can find a rather interesting and possibly very helpful source. The Sippenkartei (family card index)  from the region of Jerichow II for the years 1934-45 can now be found at Magdeburg. 

The Sippenamt (Office of family registers) in Genthin prior to World War II, made an index of the families in this Kreis (county).  They evaluated most of the church registers in that area, as well as other records, such as land books,  to make these registers.  Only recently were these records located in Genthin and now are stored and available for research here:

Freiherr-vom-Stein-Str. 47
39108 Magdeburg
Fax 0391/506659-96

For people who have ancestry in this county, this can be a valuable source in finding details of your family.

I have personally used these cards.  They are very, very useful in genealogical studies of your family.  Information contained in just a quick look at these cards are as follows:

  • Locality/parish
  • Dates of birth/marriages/deaths
  • Names
  • Family connections
  • Spouses and children
  • Pedigree charts
  • Sources of information
  • Occupations
  • Land Ownerships and when received
  • Guardianships

Here is an extract from just one card.  This is a parish where many records were lost due to a fire in the town. The cards are of many types of information.  This is merely one type.

Ort: Zabakuck  Jahr 1714 Name Rulff

Nicolaus Rulff, Zweihüfner in Zabakuck

  • um 1645

+ 2. Pfingsttag 1714 in Zabakuck

I oo   II oo Dorothea Wiere Kinder aus I. Ehe Andreas Jürgen Peter Anna oo Martin Radebusch in Knoblauch Kinder aus II Ehe Simon Anna Doroth. Joachim Catharina Maria Vormund:  Andreas Wiere, Bruder der Mutter und Cuno Krüger in Klein Wusterwitz

Quellen:  Grundbuchamt Genthin

Grundakten zum Hof Nr 4, Erbeintrag Zabakuck 25.6.1714


Here is a translation: Village: Zabakuck, Year 1714 Name Rulff Nicolaus Rulff, small land owner in Zabakuck

Born abt 1645

Died 2nd day of Pentacost 1714 in Zabakuck

First wife:

Second wife: Daorothea Wiere

Children of first marriage: (as listed)

Children of second marriage:

Guardian: Andreas Wiere, brother of the mother and Cuno Krüger in Klein Wuesterwitz. 

Sources:  Landbook office Genthin

Land Records of Hof Number 4.  Inheritance entry of Zabakuck dated 25 June 1714 

The records used span many generations.  And some date into the 1600's, perhaps even earlier.  Because these records were created due to the Hitler regime, it would be interesting to find where others of these have been stored and identified and whether they can be accessed by researchers.

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