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:*[https://maps.google.com/maps?q=389+N+100+E,+Provo,+UT&hl=en&ll=40.238916,-111.656842&spn=0.01425,0.017252&sll=47.272986,-120.882277&sspn=6.485969,8.833008&oq=389+N.+100+E,+Provo,+UT&t=m&hnear=389+N+100+E,+Provo,+Utah+84606&z=16 Location on Map]
:*[https://maps.google.com/maps?q=389+N+100+E,+Provo,+UT&hl=en&ll=40.238916,-111.656842&spn=0.01425,0.017252&sll=47.272986,-120.882277&sspn=6.485969,8.833008&oq=389+N.+100+E,+Provo,+UT&t=m&hnear=389+N+100+E,+Provo,+Utah+84606&z=16 Location on Map]
'''Phone''':   1 801-356-0661  
'''Phone''':&nbsp;&nbsp; <span class="skype_c2c_print_container notranslate">1 801-356-0661</span><span skype_menu_props="{&quot;numberToCall":"+18013560661","isFreecall":false,"isMobile":false,"isRtl":false}" onclick="SkypeClick2Call.MenuInjectionHandler.makeCall(this, event)" onmouseout="SkypeClick2Call.MenuInjectionHandler.hideMenu(this, event)" onmouseover="SkypeClick2Call.MenuInjectionHandler.showMenu(this, event)" tabindex="-1" dir="ltr" class="skype_c2c_container notranslate" id="skype_c2c_container"><span skypeaction="skype_dropdown" dir="ltr" class="skype_c2c_highlighting_inactive_common"><span id="non_free_num_ui" class="skype_c2c_textarea_span_ui1">[[Image:]]<span class="skype_c2c_free_text_span_ui1" /><span class="skype_c2c_text_span_ui1">1 801-356-0661</span></span></span></span>
'''E-mail:&nbsp; '''[mailto:ut_provonorthpark@ldsmail.net ut_provonorthpark@ldsmail.net]  
'''E-mail:&nbsp; '''[mailto:ut_provonorthpark@ldsmail.net ut_provonorthpark@ldsmail.net]  
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'''Open Hours:'''  
'''Open Hours:'''  
:*'''Tues, Wed, Thurs:''' 6pm - 9pm
:*'''Tues, Wed, Thurs:''' 6pm - 8pm
:*'''Sun:''' 4pm - 9pm
:*'''Sun:''' 4pm - 8pm
'''Holiday Schedule:'''  
'''Holiday Schedule:'''  
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=== Calendar and Events  ===
=== Calendar and Events  ===

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FamilySearch This article describes the services and resources available at a Family History Center, a branch facility of the Family History Library.

The Provo North Park Family History Center is located on 263 N 800 W in Provo and is across from the Dixon Middle School.  This building is also shared by the Utah South Hispanic Family History Center.  and there is someone who can speak Spanish available during most of our shifts. Our building has 20 computers available and has a classroom and a microfilm reading room as well as the main research room.

Center Contacts and Hours

Location and Map:

  • 263 N. 800 W., Provo UT 84601 United States
  • The building has a rock facade facing the street.  The main entrance is on the south and isn't visible from 800 West.
  • Location on Map

Phone:   1 801-356-0661[[Image:]]1 801-356-0661

E-mail:  ut_provonorthpark@ldsmail.net

Open Hours:

  • Tues, Wed, Thurs: 6pm - 8pm
  • Sun: 4pm - 8pm

Holiday Schedule:

  • Easter: April 20, 2014
  • Mothers Day:  May 11, 2014
  • Fathers Day:  June 15, 2014
  • Pioneer Day:  July 24, 2014
  • Thanksgiving: Nov 26 - 30, 2014
  • Christmas: Dec. 15-Jan. 5, 2015

Calendar and Events

Upcoming Events

Class Schedule

Staff Training Meetings

Center Resources


  • Family History Library Catalog: This center has the ability to order any of the films and fiche available through the Family History Library Catalog.
  • We have microfilm, CDs and printed materials that are helpful for Hispanic research.

Databases and Software

  • FHC Portal This center has access to the Family History Center Portal page which gives free access in the center to premium family history software and websites that generally charge for subscriptions.
  • Record managers availaboe to use with your files while at the FHC:  Ancestral Quest 14, RootsMagic 6,  

Hardware and Equipment

  • 20 computers
  • 5 microfilm readers
  • 1 microfiche reader

Center Services

Staff Research Specialties

Resources in the Local Area

Our center is just 9 blocks away from the Utah County Courthouse and about a mile 1/2 away from the BYU Family History Library.  However, our parking is more accessible to our building than the parking at BYU.


Volunteer at the Center

We would love to have volunteers at our center.  It is helpful if you can speak Spanish but it is not imperative.  If you are able to serve on Saturdays or Thursdays we have shifts available immediately.