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{{Massachusetts-stub}}''[[United States|United States]] &gt; [[Massachusetts|Massachustts]] &gt; [[Barnstable County, Massachusetts|Barnstable County]] &gt; Provincetown'' <br><br>{{MABarProMap}}  
== Town Hall  ==
== Town Hall  ==
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{{MABar towns}}
{{MABar towns}}  
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[[Category:Barnstable_County,_Massachusetts]] [[Category:Towns_in_Massachusetts]]

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Town Hall

Quick Facts

Establishment and former town name(s)

Historical data relating to counties, cities, and towns in Massachusetts (Boston, Massachusetts: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1997), [FHL book 974.4 H2h 1997].

14 June 1727: Established as a town, formerly the Precinct of Cape Cod. (Prov. Laws, Vol. II, p. 426)

1 July 1973: Town charter adopted

Archiac name: Cape Code Precinct

Section/Villages within the town: Long Point, Mayflower Heights, Peaked Hill, Pilgrim Heights, Puritan Heights (former R.R. station), Race Point, Wood End.

Wikipedia: Provincetown, Massachusetts

Boundary Changes

12 June 1813: Part of Truro annexed and bounds established.

2 March 1829: Part of Truro annexed and bounds established.

30 March 1836: Part of Truro annexed.

Neighboring Towns

Truro | all other sides, are Cape Code Bay to the west, Atlantic Ocean to the north and to the east.




Shank Painter Cemetery aka Old Cemetery Number 2 (1817)
Cemetery Rd

Gifford Cemetery (1818)
Cemetery Rd (next to Hamilton Cemetery)

Hamilton Cemetery (1833)
Cemetery Rd (next to Gifford Cemetery)

Old Cemetery (1723)
Winthrop and Court Sts

St. Peter's Catholic Cemetery (19th century)
Winslow and Jerome Smith Rds (early burial fro 1801 from farm is earliest stone)

Smallpox Cemetery
off Rte 6

Church History and Records



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  2. Google
  3. Hometown Locator



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