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Prestbury St Peter is an ancient parish and was an extraordinarily large parish with a number of chapelries. The parish church of St Peter, a building largely of the 13th century but restored in 1879 by Sir George Gilbert Scott. In the churchyard is the church’s Norman predecessor, a chapel largely rebuilt in 1747.

At the time of the  Norman Conquest, the parish consisted of thirty-five townships:

Lower Withinton
Lyme Handley
Macclesfield Forest
Mottram St Andrew
North Rode
Old Withinton
Pott Shringley

Prestbury township was not mentioned in the Domesday Book, perhaps because information was not supplied or because Prestbury was only a church, not a manor.

Twelve of the other townships are mentioned. Butley was valued at 2 Shillings at the time of the Domesday Survey, compared with 30 Shillings at the time of Edward the Confessor.  Adlington and Macclesfield were both worth 20 Shillings and Siddington 5 Shillings. The other eight townships were valued "Waste".

The church administered the civil as well as ecclesiastical affairs of the parish until the Local Government Act 1894 created rural districts and civil parishes. Three of the townships, Butley, Fallibroome and Prestbury, constitute the present civil parish of Prestbury.

Church Records

Prestbury, St. Peter (Church of England) is a very large ancient parish, originally serving the townships of:  Adlington, Birtles, Bollington (near Macclesfield), Bosley, Butley, Capesthorne, Chelford, Fallibroome, Henbury cum Pexall, Hurdsfield, Kettleshulme, Lower Withington, Lyme Handley, Macclesfield, Macclesfield Forest, Marton (near Congleton), Mottram St. Andrew, Newton (near Prestbury), North Rode, Old Withington, Pott Shrigley, Poynton, Prestbury, Rainow, Siddington, Sutton (near Macclesfield), Tytherington, Upton (near Macclesfield), Wildboarclough, Wincle, Woodford and Worth.  The original registers from 1560 are still held at the church, but registers of Baptisms 1560–1990, Marriages 1560–1969 and Burials 1560–1978 can be viewed on microfilm at the Cheshire Record Office Microfilm copy of original filmed at the Cheshire Record Office in Chester, England.

The parish church is also known as St. Peter's Church. Cheshire Record Office call number: CMB/1/1-7, 2/1-4, 3/1-48, 4/1-11, 5/1-7. Baptisms, marriages, burials, 1560-1636, 1637-1685, 1686-1720, 1721-1747. FHL BRITISH Film 2093600 Baptisms, marriages, burials, 1748-1776 (marriages to 1754 only). Baptisms, burials, 1777-1812. Baptisms, 1813-September 1892. (Includes entries from Adlington, Chelford and Saltersford chapelries to 1812.) FHL BRITISH Film 2093544 Baptisms, April 1892-1990. Marriages, 1754-July 1786. FHL BRITISH Film 2093545
Marriages, June 1786-June 1812. FHL BRITISH Film 2093546 Marriages, June 1812-July 1828. FHL BRITISH Film
2093547 Marriages, July 1828-January 1840. FHL BRITISH Film 2093548 Marriages, January 1840-1847. FHL BRITISH Film 2093549 Marriages, July 1847-March 1853. FHL BRITISH Film 2093683 Marriages, 1853-January 1859. FHL BRITISH Film 2093805 Marriages, January 1859-October 1865. FHL BRITISH Film 2093806 Marriages, October 1865-March 1871. FHL BRITISH Film 2093807 Marriages, March 1871-March 1879. FHL BRITISH Film 2093808
Marriages, March 1879-October 1887. FHL BRITISH Film 2093809 Marriages, October 1887-January 1958. FHL BRITISH Film 2093810 Marriages, February 1958-March 1969. Banns of marriages, May 1844-November 1859. VAULT BRITISH Film 2092997 Banns of marriages, November 1859-May 1883. FHL BRITISH Film 2093906 Banns of marriages, May 1883-November 1884. Actual banns of marriages, February 1854-April 1860. Banns of marriages, August 1868-September 1877. Banns of marriages, March 1860-August 1868. Banns of marriages, July 1882-October 1887. FHL BRITISH Film
2093907 Burials, January 1813-July 1955. FHL BRITISH Film 2093922 Burials, July 1955-June 1978. FHL BRITISH Film
2093923 Item 1

Bishop's transcripts for Prestbury, Chelford, Adlingron, Saltersford-cum-Kettleshulme, 1596-1858 Microfilm of original records in the Cheshire Record Office, Chester, England.
Includes records of Chelford, Adlington, and Saltersford-cum- Kettleshulme Chapels.Cheshire Record Office no.: EDB 172.

Baptisms, marriages, burials, 1634-1619 (reverse of chronological order), 1617, [2 pages, no dates], 1612, [3 pages, no dates], 1600, 1608, 1596, 1670-1663 (reverse of chronological order), 1635-1637, 1641, 1640, 1639, 1684, 1683-1671 (reverse of chronological order), 1700-1688, 1715-1710 (reverse of chronological order), 1707-1709, 1706-1707, 1705-1706, 1704-1705, 1703-1704, 1702-1703, 1701-1702. FHL BRITISH Film 1751913 Item 2 Baptisms, marriages, burials, 1715-1741, 1748-1749, 1747, 1744, 1743, 1742, 1750-1766, 1768, 1767, 1769-1778, 1780, 1802-1805. FHL BRITISH Film 1751914 Item 2Baptisms, marriages, burials, 1805-1819, baptisms, 1820. FHL BRITISH Film 1751955 Baptisms, (another filming) 1820, burials, marriages, 1820, baptisms, marriages, burials, 1821-1824, baptisms, 1825, marriages, (January-March) 1825. FHL BRITISH Film 1751956 Marriages, (March-December) 1825, burials, 1825, baptisms, marriages, burials, 1826-1829, baptisms, marriages, 1830, burials, (January-March) 1830. FHL BRITISH Film 1751957 Burials, (March-December) 1830, baptisms, marriages, burials, 1831-1834, baptisms, burials, 1835, marriages, (January-April) 1835. FHL BRITISH Film 1751958 Marriages, burials, 1835, baptisms, marriages, burials, 1836-1838. FHL BRITISH Film 1751959 Marriages, (August-December) 1839, burials, 1839, baptisms, marriages, burials, 1840, burials, 1855, baptisms, burials, 1856, baptisms, 1855-1856, burials, 1855, baptisms, 1856-1857, burials, 1856, burials, baptisms, 1857, baptisms, 1858, burials, 1857-1858, baptisms, marriages, burials, 1779-1782, 1784, 1782-1783, 1785-1795, 1797, 1796, 1798-1801. FHL BRITISH Film 1751960

Non-Conformist Churches

Non-Conformist Records

Poor Law Unions

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Registration Districts

  •   Macclesfield (1837–1998)
  •  Cheshire East (1998+)