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::Want to help? Please add or edit information and links to help others. For ideas, see [[Franklin County, Kentucky|Franklin County, Kentucky ]].
== County Courthouse  ==
== History  ==
==== Parent County  ====
==== Boundary Changes  ====
==== Neighboring Counties  ====
==== Record Loss  ====
== Resources  ==
==== Cemeteries  ====
==== Church  ====
==== Court  ====
==== Maps  ====
==== Military  ====
==== Newspapers  ====
==== Taxation  ====
==== Vital Records  ====
== Societies and Libraries  ==
*[http://www.publiclibraries.com www.publiclibraries.com] lists libraries by state and county.
::Do you know of indexes, records, or collections in libraries, societies, or museums for this county? Please share.
*[http://statearchives.us/ http://statearchives.us/<span id="fck_dom_range_temp_1218041421047_795"></span>]&nbsp;links to&nbsp;state archives and societies. Many state archives have county records,&nbsp;indexes, and information.
== Townships and Cities  ==
*[http://www.hometownlocator.com/ HomeTownLocator]. Select the state&nbsp;and click on the '''Counties''' tab. Choose a county to get&nbsp;a list of places.&nbsp;Click on the '''Maps''' tab and click on an area for an enlarged view.
== Web Sites  ==
*[http://usgenweb.org/states/index.shtml USGenWeb project]. May have maps, name indexes, history or other information for this county. Select the state, then the county.
*Family History Library Catalog. Salt Lake City, Utah.
== References  ==

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