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=== Board Meetings  ===
=== Board Meetings  ===
*Board meetings are held the morning of a regular monthly meeting.
=== Training Meetings  ===
=== Training Meetings  ===

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Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan

The Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan ...


  • What are the benefits for becoming a member of the society?
  • What are the benefits the society has to offer for those who are not members?

History of the society

  • The Society was founded in June, 1978 in Hamtramck, Michigan.   Its first workshop was held in the Explorer Room of the Detroit Public Library a few months later.  Eventually the newsletter turned into the Society's journal, first called the Eaglet and later renamed the Polish Eaglet.
  • In 2008, PGSM celebrated its 30th anniversary with a dinner at the American Polish Cultural Center in Troy Michigan.
  • In 2008, PGSM developed two awards as a means of thanking those who contributed to the genealogical community.  The Reymont Award is given to members who have demonstrated a committment to preserving Polish genealogy and its history.   The Dziekuje Award is given to members or non members for their efforts in developing projects related to Polish research and history.  
  • Mission of the Polish Genealogical Society of Michigan: To promote and encourage research in Polish genealogy, as well as the preservation of historical materials which aid in the documentation of family histories.  PGSM is dedicated to educatin its members and the public on Polish genealogy, genealogical research methods and techniques as well as the Polish culture.  

Society Officers

  • William Krul, President
  • J. William Gorski, Vice-President
  • Jill O'Sullivan, Treasurer
  • Patricia Hallman, Recording Secretary
  • Valerie S. Koselka, Corresponding Secretary

Society Projects

Current Projects

  • Sacred Heart of St. Mary Cemetery Transcriptions

FamilySearch Wiki Projects

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Past Projects


Facebook page




  • Record collections or papers to which your society has access
    • How these records can help researchers (May link to a Wiki article connected with the location)
    • Where the record is located (online, on site, at nearby repositories)
    • How to access it from a distance (order information, if any)
  • Indexes for records about this area
    • Where the index is located (online, book, or on site)
  • Look ups, and copying records from local repositories, if any (here or in Q & A below)
    • Directions on how your society does this, and sends the information back to the patron


  • (also include society trips to areas of interest here, in workshops, or in training below)

Society Meetings

  • www.pgsm.org/meetingschedule_1.htm


  • (also include presentations online, on site, or elsewhere about how to do research in your area)

Board Meetings

  • Board meetings are held the morning of a regular monthly meeting.

Training Meetings

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the directions to the society?
Q. What are the society's hours of operation?
May also include such items as: cost to join your society, how members access online records, free look ups, online meetings, newsletter queries, access to publications, or support from other members

Nearby or Alternate Repositories

  • (List each repository, link to it, and briefly describe their collection. Ideally list around 3 to 7 repositories, but this is flexible.)