Pittsylvania County, Virginia Compiled Genealogies

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United States  Gotoarrow.png  Virginia  Gotoarrow.png  Pittsylvania County Gotoarrow.png   Pittsylvania County Genealogy

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It is anticipated that this bibliography will eventually identify all known family histories published about residents of this county. Use this list to:

  • Locate publications about direct ancestors
  • Find the most updated accounts of an ancestor's family
  • Identify publications, to quote Elizabeth Shown Mills, about an ancestor's "FAN Club" [Friends, Associates, and Neighbors]


As of November 2010, a query for individuals born in Pittsylvania, Virginia at World Connect, results in more than 130,000 entries.

Pittsylvania County, Virginia Surnames (courtesy: Linkpendium) contains links to more than 175 online resources about this county's families, including compiled genealogies.

Compiled genealogies that treat multiple Pittsylvania County families include:


  • [Aaron] Aaron, Larry. Aaron Ancestors of Pittsylvania County, Virginia: Aaron, Aron, Arnn Surnames. Danville, Va.: L. Aaron, 1987. FHL Collection
  • [Adams] Adams, Gordon Sackett and Lona Odell Adams Fletcher Seitz. An Adams Family of Virginia, 1800 to Present: The Descendants of Samuel Adams and Tamson Ann Dix Adams of Pittsylvania, Halifax, and Charlotte Counties, Virginia. G.S. Adams, 1990.
  • [Allee] Allee, Ginger Rae. David Allee's Children. Friendswood, Texas: V.R.M. Allee, 1988. FHL Book 929.273 AL52av
  • [Allen] Agricola, David V. Descendants of Samuel and Sarah (Prater) Allen. Lakewood, Ohio: D. Agricola, 1997. FHL Book 929.273 AL54ad
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  • [Ball] Baldwin, Evelyn Briggs. Concerning the Tomahawk Creek, Pittsylvania County, Virginia Ball Family, 1770-1925. MSS., 1925, Library of Congress. FHL Collection
  • [Barber] Tratebas, Gladys Spurr Myrtle and Norma Barber Plank. Descendants of Randolph and Mary (Foster) Barber: Virginia - Ohio - Indiana - Missouri, Over 200 Years of Established Barber Family History. Decorah, Iowa: Amundsen Publishing Co., 1993. FHL Book 929.273 B233t
  • [Barnett] Murphy, Thelma M. James Barnett, Pittsylvania Co., Va. 1986.
  • [Barnett] Barnette, Hilda Aldridge. Barnett-Smith Families: Across Europe and America. Cullman, Ala.: Gregath, [1992?]. FHL Book 929.273 B264bh
  • [Bays] See also Bingham.
  • [Bays] Carter, Charles O. Branches in the Tree of Josiah Bays I and Lettice Mayes: Married 15 Feb 1808, Pittsylvania Co., Virginia; Born Virginia; Died Greene Co., IN. Chanute, Kansas: C.O. Carter, 1997. FHL Collection
  • [Bennett] Collie, Betty Cox. The Bennett Family of Southern Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Elon, N.C.: B. C. Collie, 2001. FHL Collection
  • [Bingham] See also Uland.
  • [Bingham] Carter, Charles O. Branches in the Tree of Edmond Bingham I and Lucy Bays: Married 8 Jan 1795, Pittsylvania Co., Virginia: Born Virginia, Died Greene Co., IN. Chanute, Kansas: C.O. Carter, 1997. FHL Collection
  • [Blakely] Rowland, Jane Thomas. James Blakely Immigrant and Revolutionary Soldier: Papers from the Family Files with Rowland/Thomas Connections and Some Ancestors and Descendants of Jane Thomas Rowland and Arthur Ray Rowland. Augusta, Ga.: RR Books, 1998. FHL Book 929.273 B583j
  • [Blanks] Sons of Henry Blanks - Pittsylvania Co.VA. [Incomplete citation from Google Books.]
  • [Blue] Clement, Maud Carter et al. Genealogical Miscellanea (Blue Family): Wills and Material of Genealogical Interest Taken from Foot-notes of the History of Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Lynchburg, Virginia: J.C. Bell, 1929. 1967 reprint: FHL Collection
  • [Boaz] Boaz, Thurmond DeWitte and Ruth Mae Cunningham Morgan. Edmond Boaz (1745-1817) and His Descendants. McLean, Va.: T.D. Boaz, Jr., 1988. FHL Book 929.273 B63e; digital version at Family History Archives.
  • [Boaz] Boaz, Thurmond DeWitte and Roberta McDaniel Ellis. Mary Ann (Boaz) Francis (1798-1860) and Her Descendants. McLean, Va.: T.D. Boaz, Jr., 1993. FHL Book 929.273 F847b
  • [Bradner] Bradner, Frank W. Bradner Genealogy: The Descendants of Rev. John Bradner and Christian Colville of Orange County, New York. Brooklyn, N.Y.: F.W. Bradner, 1986. Includes supplement: FHL Book 929.273 B729bfw
  • [Braxton] Pecquet du Bellet, Louise. Some Prominent Virginia Families. 4 vols. 1907. Reprint, Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing, 1976. FHL Film 1036136 see also FHL Collection. Index: FHL Book 975.5 D2p index. Digital versions available online: Vol. 2 | Vol. 4 | Index. All four volumes have been digitized by Ancestry ($).
  • [Buckley] Buckley, Shirley Gray. The Buckley Family Genealogy: A Genealogical History of the Descendants of James Buckley. Martin, Tenn.: S.G. Buckley, 1987. FHL Book 929.273 B856bs
  • [Buckner] Turner, Mayme Gertrude Yager and E. LaMar Buckner. "Pittsylvania County, Virginia Research," Buckner Family Research and Allied Families. MSS., 1992. FHL Film 1598295 Item 28.
  • [Burnett] Corkill, Eldon. Cain-Burnett Kin: Descendants of Bailey Cain (1767/70-1807) of Virginia and Kentucky, and of James Burnett, Who Died in 1797 Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Dallas, Texas: E.&L. Corkill, 1988. FHL Collection
  • [Chilton] Dorman, John Frederick. "The Chilton Families of Virginia and Maryland," The Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 11, No. 2 (Apr.-Jun. 1967):71-78; Vol. 11, No. 3 (Jul.-Sep. 1967):121-125; Vol. 11, No. 4 (Oct.-Dec. 1967):167-174; Vol. 12, No. 1 (Jan.-Mar. 1968):15-18; Vol. 12, No. 2 (Apr.-Jun. 1968):83-86; Vol. 12, No. 3 (Jul.-Sep. 1968):109-113; Vol. 12, No. 4 (Oct.-Dec. 1968):169-175; Vol. 13, No. 1 (Jan.-Mar. 1969):32-36; Vol. 13, No. 2 (Apr.-Jun. 1969):65-71; Vol. 13, No. 4 (Oct.-Dec. 1969):177-180; Vol. 14, No. 1 (Jan.-Mar. 1970):15-22; Vol. 14, No. 2 (Apr.-Jun. 1970):75-82; Vol. 14, No. 3 (Jul.-Sep. 1970):123-128; Vol. 14, No. 4 (Oct.-Dec. 1970):165-168; Vol. 15, No. 1 (Jan.-Mar. 1971):32-41; Vol. 15, No. 2 (Apr.-Jun. 1971):122-124; Vol. 15, No. 4 (Oct.-Dec. 1971):259-264; Vol. 16, No. 4 (Oct.-Dec. 1972):301-306; FHL Book 975.5 B2vg v. 11-v. 16; digital version at American Ancestors ($).
  • [Clark] Darrah, Earl Lindsay. Trails: Westward Migration and Settlement of the Clark and Cochran Families. Tampa, Fla.: E.L. Darrah, c1996. FHL Book 929.273 C547de
  • [Collie] Collie, Betty Cox and Robert E. King. The Collie Family of Pittsylvania County, Virginia: Their Scottish Origins, Relatives and Descendants, Including Connecting Families of Cornwell, Jennings, and Richardson. Elon College, N.C.: B. C. Collie, 1998. FHL Collection
  • [Cox] Rutherford, Dolores Crumrine. Abstracts of Virginia Families: Vol. 1. MSS. Microfilmed 1990: FHL Film 1597677 Item 12
  • [Craddock] Childs, Paula Craddock. Craddock, ca. 1760-1980. Typescript, Willard Library, Evansville, Ind. FHL Film 1481366 Item 17
  • [Crane] Hockett, Thomas Jack. The Crane/Crain/Crayne Family of King William, King & Queen, Pittsylvania, and Washington Counties, Virginia. St. David's, Pennsylvania: J. Hockett, 1993. FHL Collection
  • [Crider] Drake, Ruth Crider. Crider from Pennsylvania into Pittsylvania County, Virginia, 1788, Kentucky and Tennessee, Early 1800s. R.C. Drake, 1980.
  • [Curry] Patterson, Pauline Curry, Ruby Curry Montgomery and Janice Lee Brannon. Kentucky Curry Cousins. Greensburg, Ky.: P.C. Patterson, 2004. FHL Book 929.273 C937p
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  • [East] East, Ernest Edward. Thomas East of Pittsylvania County, Virginia. MSS., Library of Virginia. Reproduction: FHL Collection
  • [Emerson] Emerson, John W. and Robert E. Turman. Em(m)erson Family, ca. 1730-1930. Typescript, Family Records Collection, Princeton Public Library (Princeton, Indiana). Emer. FHL Film 1435486 Item 1
  • [Finn] Hunter, Patricia Finn. A Finn Genealogy, 1750-1985: Some Ancestors and Descendants of Colman Finn, 1823-1916, Grandson of Richard Finn, 1750-1833, of Adair County, Kentucky. Knoxville, Tenn.: P.F. Hunter, c1986. FHL Book 929.273 F497hp
  • [Foust] Faust, Bertha P. The Genealogy of the Foust, Grubb, Yeatts, Short and Tucker Families of Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Richmond, Va.: Faust, 1976. FHL Collection
  • [Garner] Whisenant, Dora Gordon. James Garner from Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Fayetteville, Tennessee: D.G. Whisenant, 2004. FHL Collection
  • [Gossett] Gossett, Jeffrey. The Gossetts of South Carolina. Rock Hill, S.C.: J. L. Gossett, c1997. FHL Book 929.273 G696g
  • [Grugg] See Foust.
  • [Hamblen] Hamblen, Larry A. Our Hamblen Heritage. Dallas, Texas: Brooks Publishing, 1990. FHL Book 929.273 H174ha
  • [Hankins] Lowrey, Christy H. Hankins: Ancestors, Descendants and Relations. Lakeland, Fla.: Genie Pub., c1997. FHL Book 929.273 H194L
  • [Harrison] Holden, Mary Emma Corry. Harison [Family Pedigree Chart], ca. 1650-1943. Crawfordville, Ga.: Mrs. H.M. Holden, 1943. FHL Film 1597807 Item 28
  • [Haymore] Haymore, Dorothy Hendricks. A Record of the Ancestry and Descendants of Daniel and Mary Shockley Haymore of Pittsylvania Co., Virginia. Franklin Demarcus Haymore (1849-1931): With Notes on Related Families Including Four Wifes; Taylor, Lant Brown, Cluff and Arther Samuel Haymore. n.p.: Franklin R. Haymore and F.D. Haymore descendants, [1976?]. FHL Collection
  • [Haynes] Strieby, Irene Macy, Frances Wales Haycock, and Mildred Hensley Homann. Brief Sketches of Henry Haynes, 1701-1784, William Haynes, 1727-1896, Richard Haynes, 1763-1850 a Father, Son and Grandson of Southside Virginia, Who Gave Aid to the American Colonies in the War of the Revolution, and Some of Their Descendants. Jacksonville, Fla.: n.p., 1964. FHL Book 929.273 H333s.
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  • [Hubbard] Bowling, Noland Hubbard. Meet Your Ancestors: Some Descendants of Robert Hubbard (ca. 1600-1663) Westmoreland, New Kent, Amelia, Halifax, Lunenburg, Pittsylvania Counties, Virginia and Other States: Families Allied by Marriage: Arnn (Aron, Aaron), Adkins (Atkins), Clement (Clements) ... Utica, Kentucky: N.H. Bowling, 1985. FHL Collection
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  • [Jefferson] Harris, Betty Jefferson. From Pettistree, Suffolk, England to Pittsylvania County, Virginia, USA: History of the Jefferson Family. B.J. Harris, 2001.
  • [Jennings] Sours, William B. John Jennings, d. 1651, in England: Humphrey Jennings, d. 1690, England; Capt. William Jennings, 1676-1775 Retired British Officer of Jennings-Ordinary, Virginia. Anne Jennings, 1736-1811, Pittsylvania Co. Wife of Captain Samuel Thompson, d. in Amelia County, Virginia, 1779. [Incomplete citation from Google Books.]
  • [Lanier] Ingersoll, Louise. Lanier: A Genealogy of the Family Who Came to Virginia and Their French Ancestors in London. Washington, D.C.: Goetz Printing Company, 1965. Digital version at World Vital Records ($).
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  • [May] Swafford, Jeannette Lain and James Murry Lain. Descendants of the May - Hobson - Lain Families. 1989, 1996. FHL Book 929.273 M451sj
  • [Mayes] See Bays.
  • [Mitchell] Mitchell, James V. The Genealogy of the Mitchell Family of Martinsville, Indiana. Martinsville, Ind.: Republican Steam Print., 1885. FHL Film 1502554 Item 37; digital version at Google Books.
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  • [Nance] Nance, Geo. W. The Nance Memorial: A History of the Nance Family in General, but More Particularly of Clement Nance of Pittsylvania County, Virginia and Descendants, Containing Historical and Biographical Records with Family Lineage. Bloomington, Illinois: J.E. Burke, 1904. FHL Collection; digital book at Google Books and at Ancestry ($).
  • [Nowlin] Nowlin, James Edmund. The Nowlin-Stone Genealogy: A Record of the Descendants of James Nowlin, Who Came to Pittsylvania County, Virginia, from Ireland about 1700: of Bryan Ward Nowlin, Grandson of James Nowlin, Who was Born in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, about 1740: of Micheal Nowlin and of the Earlier Nowlins (Nowlans) of Ireland : and Also a Record of the Descendants of George Stone: and of James Hoskin Stone, Who was Born in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, in 1778: and Also a Record of the Descendants of Edmund Fitzgerald. Salt Lake City, Utah: n.p., 1916. FHL Collection; digital book at Family History Archives, Google Books, and at Ancestry ($).
  • [Oakes] Oakes, Carl L. Survey of the Oakes Family in Virginia and Tracing of the Line of William Oakes of Pittsylvania County through North Carolina into Mississippi to Thomas Lee Oakes and Descendendants [sic]. C.L. Oakes, 1987.
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  • [Short] See Foust.
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  • [Yeatts] See Foust.


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