Photoduplication Services Discontinued

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To request photocopies from the Family History Library, use the form titled Request for Photocopies: Census Records, Books, Microfilm, or Microfiche. You can print a copy of this form from here: File:Request for Photocopies.pdf

Follow the instructions found on the form, and mail your order to the address indicated on the form. Visa and MasterCard orders may be faxed to 801-240-1584. We only accept orders by mail or fax.

Copies provided through this service cost U.S.$2.00 each, with a U.S.$4.00 minimum charge per order. Some documents, such as probate or deed records, are charged by the page. Costs include postage and handling. Photocopies of works which are currently protected by copyright are limited to 10 pages or 10% of the work, whichever is less. We don't make copies of an entire work.

You may request copies of select pages from the index of a record. After you receive the index, you can send a second order requesting the specific pages you need.

An alternative to ordering Photo Duplication for films or fiche that are not restricted:

  • Order the film or fiche to the family history center near you.  To find the nearest center, click Here.
  • If the center has a printer for the film or fiche reader, you can print out a copy of the pages you want.
  • If there is no printer available, you can capture the image by taking a picture of the film/fiche reader screen with a digital camera.  If multiple images are desired, this would be a less expensive method than requesting photoduplication.