Photoduplication Services Discontinued

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The Family History LIbrary now provides digital copies of items in the catalog. To request photocopies from the Family History Library, use the form titled Request for Photocopies: Census Records, Books, Microfilm, or Microfiche.

Follow the instructions found on the form.  Please include a valid email address. You can either mail the completed form  to the address indicated on the form or fax it to 801-240-1584. We only accept orders by mail or fax.

Photocopies of works which are currently protected by copyright are limited to 10 pages or 10% of the work, whichever is less. We don't make copies of an entire work.

You may request copies of select pages from the index of a record. After you receive the index, you can send a second order requesting the specific pages you need.

An alternative to ordering Photo Duplication for films or fiche that are not restricted:

  • Order the film or fiche to the family history center near you.
  • If the center has a printer for the film or fiche reader, you can print out a copy of the pages you want.
  • If there is no printer available, you can capture the image by taking a picture of the film/fiche reader screen with a digital camera.  If multiple images are desired, this could be a less expensive method than requesting photoduplication.