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The Family History Library has an excellent collection of notarial records from most provinces of the Philippines. Although difficult to use, they can provide valuable information.

Notarial records are written in English, Spanish, and various Philippine dialects. Some are indexed, but most are not. To use these records you need to know:

  • The date your ancestor used the services of a notary.
  • The notary’s name.
  • The province where your ancestor lived.
  • The place where the document was notarized.

Notarial records are in the Locality section of the Family History Library Catalog under Notarial Records:



Sometimes you can find the name of the notary by looking in death registers. If you know the notary’s name, you can look for it in the Author/Title section of the catalog.

A few notarial records are from provinces (1900–70), but most are from Manila (1700–1970).