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This section provides links to Panamanian websites that contain genealogy trees and biographies of Panamanian families. The websites are in Spanish.

Academia de Genealogia e Historia de Panama

The Panama Academy of Genealogy and History (Academia de Genealogia e Historia de Panama) was organized on August 13, 2011, at the University of Santa Maria La Antigua in Panama city. The leadership of the new institution include: Dr. Rafael Candanedo, President, Dr. Mario Jose Molina Castillo, Vice-President, and Jorge Kam Rios, Secretary. This is the first official genealogical organization established in Panama.

Published Genealogies of Panama

The following genealogies have been published on the Internet:

Genealogias de Panama

The Genealogies of Panama (Genealogias de Panama) website is managed by two experienced genealogists living in Panama: Guadalupe Garcia de Paredes Icaza and Sonia Cannata Zeballos. It contains family trees of some prominent families in Panama. Most of the content is free, but you can also purchase their publications, which contain more detailed information.

Alegre and Jurado Families

This family genealogy website is managed by Luigi Alegre, who has compiled an extensive, searchable tree of the Alegre and Jurado lines in Panama, as well as collateral lines, mostly in Chiriqui, Panama. If you wish to contribute to or discuss the information, you can contact the owner.

Moreno and Tribaldo Families

This website, Familias en Panamá y Otras Relacionadas, was created by Robert A. Moreno Tribaldos. It includes extensive genealogies on the Moreno, Tribaldos, De la Ossa, Francheschi, Arauz, Samudio, and Estribi families of Panama. Photos and some stories in addition to pedigree charts.

Cardoze Family Descendants

The Cardoza Genealogy Tree begins in France in 1749 with the emigration of David Cardozo Pereira to Curazao. His son, Moises, later changed his surname to Cardoze. The Cardoze tree, which can be donwloaded as a spreadsheet or PDF, comprises over 9 generations of descendants. You can contact the website administrator to request additions or corrections. 

Quelquejeu Family Descendants

The Quelquejeu Family website contains information about the descendants of Camilo Quelquejeu Arauz, fourth son of Adolphe Prosper Quelquejeu and Antonina Arauz Gallegos. Adolphe Quelquejeu was a French citizen who arrived in Paname in the 1850's.

Guardia and Jaen Families

The Guardia Family website includes genealogy trees for the De La Guardia and Jaen families of Panama. You can contact the website administrator to request additions or corrections. You can also download information.

Salas and Arias Families

The Familia Salas Arias website includes genealogy trees for the Salas and Arias families of Panama. You can contact the website administrator to request additions or corrections. You can also download information.

Fabrega Family

The Fabrega Family website includes ancestors and descendants of the Fabrega family of Panama. 

Lefevre Family

The Casa Lefevre website contains biographies, photos, and literature authored by Lefevre family members. It also includes several articles and photos surrounding the Pollera, Panama's national dress.