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  • Stanley Tuione & other descendants of Kakolosi Tuione of Tonga
  • Tisina Wolfgram Gerber of Tonga
  • Tangata Niumeitolu of Tonga
  • Levi Tua’one of Tonga
  • Ives Perrin, former mission president in Tahiti.
  • Gisele Maeva Takanga Buchin Tehaavi, Tahiti & Tuamoto Islands
  • August Ly Chip Sao & Pauline Lee Chip Sao of Fa`aqa, of Tahiti
  • Dottie Behling of Hawaii
  • Nani Olsen Kelly of Hawaii
  • Fran McFarland of Hawaii
  • Donna Camacho Hydrick of Hawaii
  • Kalli Kamaquoha-Wilson of Hawaii
  • Linda Gonzalves of Hawaii
  • Rose Palmer Heimberg of New Zealand
  • Ravendra Rama of Fiji
  • Eb Davis, Church Translation. Former mission president of Micronesia and Melanesia.
  • Phyllis Ingram, LDS Church Family History Department

Books and articles

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Britsch, R. Lanier. Founding the LDS Church in Melanesia and Micronesia.
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Islands, Kiribati, Fiji, Niue.
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BYU Kennedy Center of International Relations. Culture for Missionaries: New Zealand
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Continental Air Micronesia. Route Map
Corporation of the President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The Book of
Fisiipeau, Foli. Island Names Processing Guide, Manuscript in possession of the author.
Gerber, Tisina Wolfgramm. Iohani Wolfgramm, Man of Faith and Courage. Self-published.
Hyerdahl, Thor. American Indians in the Pacific.
Hyerdahl, Thor. Kon Tiki.
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association with the American Federation of arts 1984.
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L.D.S. Family History Deptment.
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Manusciprt in possession of the author.
Underwood, Grant, Voyages of Faith, Explorations in Mormon Pacific History.

Web sites

Principles of Family History Research (FamilySearch Wiki article)
How to Guess Where to Start (FamilySearch Wiki article)
www.bradshawfoundation.comeaster And (Columbus World Travel Guide)
www.enchanted learning.comusa and other Wikipedia Places
www.lonelyplanet .com - Kiribati, Vanuatu, Tahiti and French Polynesia, Tonga
www.maps-of-the-world.comhistory - Australia and South Pacific

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