Otero, Colfax County, New Mexico, 1880 Settlers

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Source: 1880 US Census; Precinct 6, Enumeration District 7: 10 June 1880.

              (The names in parenthesis are a second opinion to the sometimes hard to read handwriting)

              There is nothing left of this town, which was south of Raton, just west of Clifton. When the tracks of the Atcheson, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad reached Otero in 1879, it was the end of the line in New Mexico for the railroad at the time. A celebration was held honoring Miguel Otero, the New New Mexico Territory Delegate to the US Congress, for whom the town was named. The town and the people  moved to where Raton is now, less than a year later.


             Places of Birth:  New Mexico (6); Arkansas (1); Colorado (1); Georgia (4); Idaho (1); Illinois (2); Iowa (1);

                                      Kansas (1); Louisiana (1); Maryland (1); Missouri (7); Ohio (5); Pennsylvania (2); Tennessee (6);

                                      Texas (3); Utah (1); Virginia (1); Canada (1); Ireland (1); Switzerland (4); 
            Occupations: Tie Hauler (4); Tie Cutter (3); Tie Receiver (1); Tie Contractor (1); Blacksmith (1); Carpenter (1);

                                Civil Engineer (1); Boarding House Keeper (1); Telegraph Operator (1); Teamster (1); Postmaster (1);

                                Quartz Miner (1); Store Keeper (3); Mail Carrier (1); Raises horses (1); Cattle raiser (1); Doctor (1);

Bishop, Albert, 1828, Tie Hauler, Switzerland; Annie, 1829, Switzerland; Frederick, 1856, Tie Hauler, Switzerland;

                                 Otto, 1858, Tie Hauler, Switzerland; Albert, 1864, Tie Hauler, Utah; Emma, 1866, Idaho;

Bryant, John B. 1840, Carpenter, Missouri; Sarah K., 1849, Iowa; Stephen L., 1871, Texas; Lucy, 1877, Colorado;

Claiborne, William J. 1847, Civil Engineer, Louisiana; Lucy, 1860, Tennessee;

Cook, William M., 1850, Tie Cutter, Georgia;

Dalton, W.V., 1833, Boarding House Keeper, Tennessee; Melvina I. 1833, Tennessee;

Hampton, William, 1858, Tie Cutter, Georgia;

Harney (Harvey), C. E., 1858, Telegraph Operator for the RailRoad, Illinois;

Letton (Tetton), Reuben P., 1819, Cattle Raiser, Maryland; P.M., 1824, Missouri; William, 1853, Sheep Raiser; (Mo);

                                     Finis, 1857, Missouri; Mary K., 1868, Missouri;
McDonald, Michael, 1844, Teamster, Ireland;

McElroy, George W., 1851, Otero Postmaster, Pennsylvania;

McLaughlin, George R., 1837, Quartz Miner, Ohio; Flora, 1848, Ohio; Thomas P., 1874, Missouri;

                                    Asiatic M., 1877, New Mexico; Georgia E., July 1879, New Mexico;

McMartin, M.A., 1838, Dry Goods Store Keeper, Canada;

McNaul, William, 1855, Receiving Ties, Ohio;

Moore, F.T., 1838, Grocery Store Keeper, Illinois;

Overstreet, B.L., 1852, Mail Carrier, Tennessee;

Pace, George I., 1844, Grocery Store Keeper, Pennsylvania;

Robbins, S.W., 1840, Tie Contractor, Ohio;

Runyon, James H. 1845, Blacksmith, Ohio; Mary, 1857, Georgia;  Herman D, 1873, Tennessee; Mabel, 1877, Tennessee;

                                      Mary, February 1880, New Mexico;

Stockton, Thomas L., 1832, Raises Horses, Tennessee; Margie (Marzie) E., 1846, Arkansas; William I., 1864, Texas;

                                      Hayden R. 1866 Texas; Minnie L. 1868 New Mexico; Thomas L. 1872, (NM); Ettie 1874 (NM);

Sullivan, S.S., 1858, Tie Cutter, Georgia;

Washington, C.A., 1839, Physician and Surgeon, Virginia; Laura, 1859, Kansas;