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*[[Organizing Your Files]]
*[[Organizing Your Files]]
*[[Document AS YOU GO!]]
*[[Document AS YOU GO!]]
*[[Family History for Beginners]]
==Understanding how the Wiki is organized==
==Understanding how the Wiki is organized==

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Research Tasks

Want more information about a specific locality/topic
Organize my genealogy information

Contributing Tasks

Task: Understand how the wiki is organized (for contributors with a little more experience)

Looking for information about a specific locality or topic

In the Research Wiki helpful articles are organized in two different ways; by locality or by topic.

Genealogical sources are usually found in or near the place where a person was born, lived or died.

You can search for information about a location by typing the location into the search box. You should start with the largest geographic area.

Finding information about a specific locality

Finding information about a specific topic

Organizing your genealogical information

Understanding how the Wiki is organized

Research Wiki Frequently Asked Questions

What is genealogy?

Wikipedia has more about this subject: Genealogy

Genealogy is the process of discovering information about your family in an organized fashion. Further, it is a collection of tools, methodologies and procedures for organizing and analyzing the information that you find.

Related Research Wiki Articles

What is the goal of genealogical research?

The goal of genealogical research is to compile, as accurately as possible, an organized collection of information about your family.

Where do I find information about my family?

Records about individuals and families are found in records maintained by those individuals, those families, civil governments, social organizations, religious organizations,

Where are the records located?

Records with information about your family might be located anywhere your family may have lived. Most genealogical records are associated with a geographic location but they can also be located according to the political jurisdiction at the time the event occurred.

What is the Research Wiki?

The Research Wiki is a huge collection of short articles about how to find your family and where to look for information about where to find ancestors.

How can I use the Research Wiki?

  • Are you looking for information about doing genealogy or family history?
  • Are you looking for information about finding a specific ancestor?
  • Do you need help organizing your research?
  • Do you need help finding a specific type of record?
  • Did you want to find out about the Research Wiki?

How is the Research Wiki organized?

The Research Wiki has information in three major categories:

  • Information about the Research Wiki itself
  • Information about genealogical resources organized by location
  • Information about genealogical resources organized by subject matter

Relevant Research Wiki Articles:

How do I find information in the Research Wiki?

The Research Wiki is basically a searchable collection of articles about genealogy. You do this by entering search terms such as place names, types of source documents, or other words in the search boxes on nearly every page.

Here are some Research Wiki Articles on searching:

What other information is in the Research Wiki?

Entry tracks into the Research Wiki

(Levels of interest and experience in the Research Wiki)

Needs Information about genealogy and how to do genealogical research

Experienced in genealogy, needs information about Research Wiki Looking for specific content information, needs help finding the information