Oregon Superintendency of Indian Affairs

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The Oregon Superintendency of Indian Affairs was established in . After the Superintendency was abolished in


Some of the tribes the Oregon Superintendency served were the Umatilla Indians, Klamath Indians, Klikitat Indians, Cayuse Indians, Walla Walla Indians, Nez Percé Indians, Yakima Indians, Modoc Indians, Shoshoni Indians, Umpqua Indians, Rogue River Indians (Tututni Indians), Clackamas Indians, Spokan Indians, and Skagit Indians. Some of the principal agencies serving Oregon tribes were the Alsea Agency, Grand Ronde Agency, Siletz Agency, Umatilla Agency, Nez Percé Agency, Cayuse Agency, Walla Walla Agency, and Umpqua Agency.

The records of the Superintendency concern liquor and Indians, payments and presents to Indians, listings of the various tribes and information about them, agents and their work with the Indians, and other matters involving treatment of Indians and attempts to keep peaceful relationships between them and whites.



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