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*Oregon Genealogical Society&amp; Research Library<br>955 Oak Alley<br>Eugene, OR 97401<br>Phone: 541-345-0399<br>Email: ogsinfo@comcast.net
*Oregon Genealogical Society&amp; Research Library<br>955 Oak Alley<br>Eugene, OR 97401<br>Phone: 541-345-0399<br>Email: ogsinfo@comcast.net

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Fall Genealogy Class Schedule at Oregon Genealogical Society:

  • Oct 4 Birth & Marriage Records

Where to look for birth and marriage records and learn what else they can tell you about your family. Instructor: Dawn Carlile

  • Oct 11 Lets Get Organized

It is important to start out organized. Learn different way to organize your data so you won't have a mountain of information by not know what it is or be able to find it. Instructor: Linda Aubrey

  • Oct 18 Courthouse Records

You can lean some interesting facts, prove relationships and maybe find a black sheep in the records recorded in the various courts. Learn what records were kept and what you might fine there. Instructor: Dawn Carlile

  • Nov 1 Census Records and Soundex

Census records hold a wealth of information. Come learn where to look for them, how to read them and see what you can find out about your ancestors. What is a sounddex and how to use one. Instructor: Stan Hultgren

  • Nov 8 Death Records & Medical Terminology

Locating death records and what they can tell you about hour great grandma died. Learn what some of the medical terminology found on death certificates means and old names for diseases. Instructor: Beverly Gischel

  • Nov 15 Citing Your Sources

Learn how to record your who, what, when, and whom you got your information from. This way you have it done right and it makes you look like a professional. Instructor: Dawn Carlile

  • Nov 29 Question & Answer Session

Your chance to ask those burning questions and we'll try to answer them for you. Instructor: Dawn Carlile

  • Dec 6 Wills & Probates

Take a look at wills, probate and guardianship records form the 18th, 19th and 20th Century. Instructor: Dawn Carlile

  • Dec 13 Buying and Using Digital Camera

Learn what a Mega pixel is and how many you need to take a good picture. Do you need optical zoom and what does it mean? How to get the camera you want for the type of pictures you take. Instructor: Linda Aubrey

  • Classes are held Saturday mornings, 10:00 MA - 12:00 PM, at the OGS Research

Library. Cost is $5.00 pre class per person and is paid at the door. Plan to arrive early to register and pay. Classes will start promptly at 10:00 AM. The library is in the alley between Willamette and Oak Streets, behind the Downtown Athletic club. Free parking is available in the OverPark parking garage above the library on Saturdays. From 10th Avenue turn North onto Oak and left into the Parking garage.
The OGS Research Library provides access to genealogy information to Oregon, beyond Oregon, across the US and into many other countries.

  • Oregon Genealogical Society& Research Library
    955 Oak Alley
    Eugene, OR 97401
    Phone: 541-345-0399
    Email: ogsinfo@comcast.net