Ohio Indian Agency

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United States Gotoarrow.png American Indians Gotoarrow.png Ohio Gotoarrow.png Indians of Ohio Gotoarrow.png Ohio Indian Agency

Indian Tribes Associated With This Agency

Wyandot. Shawnee, and Seneca


The Ohio Agency was established in 1831 and was a continuation of the Piqua Agency that had been established in 1812. It was renamed Ohio Agency because of the move of its headquarters from Piqua to Columbus. Because of the scattered condition of the Indians in Ohio, there were also subagencies which operated at various sites within the state -- particularly for the Wyandot at Upper Sandusky, the Seneca at Fort Ball, and the Mixed Band of Seneca and Shawnee at Lewiston. There was also a subagency for the Ottawa of Maumee, but it was mor closely associated with the Michigan Superintendency than with the Ohio Agency.

By the end of 1832, most of the Seneca and Shawnee has removed to west of the Mississippi, and the Ohio Agency was reduced to a subagency for the Wyandot Indians and was often called the Wyandot Subagency.

By 1843, the Wyandot had removed to west of the Missouri River, in the present state of Kansas, and the Wyandot Subagency was established for them there. At that time, the Ohio Agency was discontinued.



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