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Collection Time Period

The information in this document pertains to directories published from 1880 to 1960.

Record History

The first directories were simple groupings of residents by street within large cities. The businesses that compiled the directories usually combined the listings with their own business or professional information and address. Information on other professionals and businesses quickly began to be included on the lists. Then the directories began dividing the names by function, and eventually there were multiple types of directories, such as city, telephone, county and regional business, professional, organizational, religious, and post office and street directories. The directories cover 35 to 45 percent of the population, with the later years including more people.

Why This Record Was Created

Directories were created to form a readily accessible record with current residence or contact information. They were created primarily by businesses for advertising and sales purposes.

Record Reliability

The information in directories is fairly reliable because it was usually provided by the business people and residents themselves. However, typographical errors may have occurred.

Record Description

 Directories are published books that are usually updated every year or so. Directories are usually well preserved in public libraries and historical societies. Research Publications, Inc., has microfilmed most of those pertaining to medium- and large-sized towns and cities before 1935.

Record Content

Directories usually contain the following information:

  • Name of the individual and spouse
  • Occupation and business
  • Post office or street residence

How To Use This Record

Use directories to locate an individual’s residences during a specific time period. Then use that residence to locate the individual’s family in census or other records. 

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Sources of This Collection

Title of directory. Place of publication, name of publisher, year of publication. Downloaded from URL, date downloaded. Digital identification number, if any. Ohio, county, specific place (either town, township, or city). Page number.

Title of directory. Place of publication, name of publisher, year of publication. Microform number, item number. Ohio, county, specific place (either town, township, or city). Page number.

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