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Director: Emil O. Hanson

Associate Directors: Joan Blanchard - Administration, Sam Jorgensen - Personnel, Richard W. Moyle - Training and Instruction, Ronald Jepperson - Computer Services, and Cornelius DeJong - Scanning Project

Secretary: LeAnn Carreola and Assistant Secretary: Pamela Nelson

 Financial Clerk: George Howell

Shift Supervisor and an Assistant Supervisor: Available on each shift, with shift members serving as cashiers, trainers, and mentors.

Shift Supervisors: George Adamson, Scott M. Berry, Keith Billings, Calvin Buttars, Louis Howell, Robert Jensen, William Lakey, Carl Manzel, Fred Moore, Shirl Okey, Doyle Olsen, LaVera Parris, Layton Patterson, Ralph Randall, J. Farrell Shepherd, Susan Wright


The Ogden FamilySearch Library has over 350 people serving as volunteers who have the background and specialties to help you with your work.

The Ogden FamilySearch Library has many opportunities for you to serve as a Missionary, or as a Volunteer.

Please call: 801-627-1132

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