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Ogden FamilySearch Library Home

The Ogden FamilySearch Library is divided between two buildings.

East Building

  • EastBuilding.jpg
    Room 12 has seating capacity for over 50 people with an instructor's projector.
  • Room 11 has 16 computers with an instructor's projector.
  • Room 13 has 18 computers with an instructor's projector.
  • Room 14 has 31 computers.
  • Room 15 has 16 computers with an instructor's projector.


West Building

  • Room 26 has 9 computers with an instructor's projector.
  • Room 27 has 15 Computers, 12 Microfilm & 3 Micro Fiche Readers.
  • Room 28 has 15 Computers with a Instructor's Projector.
  • 66,000 Micro Films,10,250 Books of which 171 are digital view able, and 3,800 microfiche.

=== Databases and Software ===

FHC Portal This library has access to the FamilySearch Library Portal page on each of the computers, which gives free access in the center to premium family history software and websites that generally charge for subscriptions. Just to name a few of these premium sites are Find My Past, World Vital Records, The Geneaologist, Ancestry,com.

Family History Library Catalog: Our Computers have access to the Salt Lake FamilySearch Library Catalog, and the Ogden FamilySearch Library has a catalog of all of its books, microfilms and micorfiche. We also have other detabase programs for information storing of your genealogical work such as PAF (Personal Ancestral File), Legacy, Roots Magic, Ancestral Quest and Family Insight to name a few. We have the deluxe paid versions of the software at our centre, but patrons may use these free of charge at the Library. Other software that is available for patron use includes Get My Ancestors, Personal Historian, Family Atlas, the Family History Resource File, and the Pedigree Resource File.

=== Hardware and Equipment ===

Our center is proud to have approximately 140 computers 6 printers 12 microfilm readers 3 fiche readers, 6 film readers, 3 scanners, and 1 digital film/fiche scanner

To contact Ogden FamilySearch Library directly, call: (801)-626-1132.