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Class Descriptions

Class # ------------ Class Descriptions listed by their Class # ---------
1 FamilySearch Family Tree Roadmap plus Q and A….Ron Tanner

This class will discuss the most recently added features of Family Tree and the planned major features for the next two years. Come and find out how Family Tree will continue to improve and provide the capabilities necessary to discover and preserve your family history. Come ready to give feedback and make suggestions on desired features – you can influence what comes next in Family Tree. We will also spend some significant time answering your questions.

2 How Do I Start my Family History….Doris Bateman

This course is designed for those beginning their family history journey. We will discuss an organized approach to research, including: finding records in your own home, interviewing family members, and organizing the information you find into a detective kit. We will explore how to find the online records and physical records that will help you find your family, use a research log, and record and evaluate your findings and sources.

3 Saving Your Family History Securely in the Cloud….Scott Allen

This presentation will demonstrate how you can easily and securely save a copy of your family history data (genealogy files, histories, pictures, etc.) to the cloud automatically. We’ll discuss the benefits of cloud storage, privacy concerns, and compare several cloud storage providers (free and paid).

4 Research Using the Ogden FamilySearch Library’s Website – Ogdenfsl.org….Emil O. Hanson
Family History is one of the most popular hobbies in the world and many of the hobbyists do not know why they are drawn to it. Others involved in family history see it as a sacred quest. The mission of the Ogden FamilySearch Library is to assist all those who are interested in family history, for whatever reason, to be able to have a place, tools, training and personal assistance in pursuing their research quest or hobby. This Website is designed to provide an orderly and time saving approach to their research efforts. The Website is an evolving project, because the family history software, research websites and related tools are spinning forward faster than we can keep up with it. We hope that people from around the world will access it and find research value in using it.
5 Learn How to Make a Family History eBook….Susan Holdaway
Come learn why eBooks can be an engaging and inexpensive way to share or publish family stories that appeal to both the younger and older family members. This class provides an overview of common eBook formats, digital devices that accept eBooks and eReader apps. Participants will learn about free eBook creating and editing software. They will learn step by step how to create a simple eBook with photos using Microsoft Word and free eBook software. They will learn how to use free eBook conversion software to convert eBooks into different popular formats.
6 “I Didn’t Know That!”….Joanne Hanson
Often I am asked at the Ogden Family History Center, simple questions concerning some aspect of research. When the individual gets an answer, even when they are quite knowledgeable, the most common response is, “I didn't know that!”. Just a little explanation or a tip can help us with our research. Education is a must in family history research and it doesn't have to be something big although it may be, if not known by the researcher ahead of time. Tidbits can relate to naming patterns, handwriting, immigration, military records, the calendar, census and LDS records to name a few. You might even be heard to say, if you attend this session, “I didn't know that!” or share one of your own.
7 Involving Youth in Family History from Research to the Temple….Eleanor C. Jensen
In this class you will discover the joy of Family History using Family Tree to research, record, add & clear names, and be ready to perform baptisms for your own ancestors. Understand why Elder Bednar said, “You have been prepared for this day and to build up the kingdom of God. You are here upon the earth now to assist in this glorious work.”
This class is for youth, beginners, Family History Consultants, and anyone desiring to help others learn the simplicity of Family History and Family Tree.