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*[http://www.utahheritagefoundation.com/saving-places/40-ogden-high-school Ogden High School]
*[http://www.utahheritagefoundation.com/saving-places/40-ogden-high-school Ogden High School]
== County Courthouse  ==
*[http://www.co.weber.ut.us/ Weber County Courthouse]<br>Weber County Clerk/Auditor<br>2380 Washington Blvd, Ste 320<br>Ogden, UT 84401<br>Phone (801) 399-8400<br>
== City Hall  ==
== City Hall  ==
*[http://ogdencity.com/ Ogden City]<br>2549 Washington Boulevard<br>Ogden, Utah 84401  
*[http://ogdencity.com/ Ogden City Hall]<br>2549 Washington Boulevard<br>Ogden, Utah 84401
== Resources  ==
== Resources  ==
==== Biography & Genealogies ====
==== Biography & Genealogies ====

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United States Gotoarrow.pngUtah Gotoarrow.png Weber CountyGotoarrow.png Ogden


Ogden High School the 1.2 Million Dollar PWA Project

The county seat of Weber County, Ogden is a multifaceted town. It has a history of Mountain Men Rendezvous, Mormon settlers and the arrival of the railroad along with it’s array of colorful characters. It’s first non Native American inhabitants were traders/trappers that lived in the mountains east of Ogden with their Native American wifes trapping and trading. Peter Skene Ogden led a group of trappers to what is now Ogden Valley in 1825.

Mountain men Jedediah S. Smith, Peter Skene Ogden, Etienne Provost, and Jim Bridger, camped in the Ogden area. Fort Buenaventura is an area that was claimed in 1843 by horse trader/trapper Miles Goodyear. Miles built the fort and trading post on the banks of the Weber River just west of what is now Ogden City. [1] Fort Buenaventura merged from it’s Mountain man culture to eventually that of a Mormon Agricultural Community settled by James Brown and later, Lorin Farr. [2] Miles sold his claim to James Brown in 1847. The name was changed to Brownsville then in January of 1850 the name Ogden first came into use.[3]

With the completion of the transcontinental railroad, Ogden became the "Cross Roads of the West" or "Junction City" and welcomed a variety of visitors for several decades to come. Ogden became the hub of railroad activity between the Central Pacific and the Union Pacific Railroads. From the 1870s to World War II, Ogden was a major railroad town, busy with 9 different Railroad Companies. [4]

During the great depression in 1937, the "New Deal" created 13 WPA and PWA projects giving residents an opportunity to work and the community some of the most amazing art deco style buildings.

Wikipedia has more about this subject: Ogden, Utah

County Courthouse


City Hall


Biography & Genealogies

  1. Belnap, Arias (1893-1974)
  2. Belnap, Gilbert (1821-1899)
  3. Belnap, Gilbert Rosel (1847-1929)
  4. Belnap, Hyrum (1858-1938)
  5. Knight, Adaline (1831-1919)
  6. McBride, Henrietta (1821-1899)
  7. Mead, Abigail (1770-1854)


Digitized cemetery records for Ogden cemeteries are available online through the Utah Cemetery and Burial Database maintained by Utah State History:

Burials in Aultorest began in 1929, however Mountain View section dates back to the late 1800s. Records for the Mountain View Section had to be reconstructed from headstones, some information may be missing. The Mountain View Cemetery does have some Catholic records transcribed at Mountain View (Catholic) Cemetery, Ogden, Weber County, Utah [6] [7]
Cemetery Transcriptions
Cemetery Transcriptions
Cemetery Transcriptions
Cemetery Transcriptions


St. Joseph's Catholic Cemetery

There isn't a cemetery by this name. However, the Mountain View Cemetery (now part of Aultorest) does have some Catholic records transcribed at Mountain View (Catholic) Cemetery, Ogden, Weber County, Utah [9]


Mortuaries or funeral homes is an often over looked but excellent record source. The valuable records they keep about the individuals they care for can be quite extensive. If the funeral home is no longer in business, other homes will sometimes take over their records.

Lindquist Mortuary
3408 Washington Blvd.
Ogden, Utah
(801) 394-6666
Larkin & Sons Mortuary
496 24th St.
Ogden, Utah
(801) 394-5505
Leavitt’s Mortuary
836 36th St
Ogden, Utah
801) 394-5556
Myers Mortuary
845 Washington Blvd
Ogden, Utah
(801) 399-5613
North Ogden
Lindquist Mortuary
2140 North 400 East
North Ogden, Utah
(801) 782-6666

City Records

Church History and Records

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Bonneville Park Branch
  • Highland
  • Lomond View
  • Mount Fort
  • Mount Ogden
  • Ogden North
  • Ogden 1st Ward
  • Ogden 2nd Ward
  • Ogden 3rd Ward
  • Ogden 4th Ward
  • Ogden 5th Ward
  • Ogden 6th Ward
  • Ogden 7th Ward
  • Ogden 8th Ward
  • Ogden 9th Ward
  • Ogden 10th Ward
  • Ogden 11th Ward
  • Ogden 12th Ward
  • Ogden 13th Ward [10]
  • Ogden 14th Ward [11]
  • Ogden 15th Ward
  • Ogden 16th Ward
  • Ogden 17th Ward
  • Ogden 18th Ward
  • Ogden 19th Ward
  • Ogden 20th Ward
  • Ogden 21st Ward
  • Ogden 22nd Ward
  • Ogden 23rd Ward
  • Ogden 24th Ward
  • Ogden 25th Ward
  • Ogden 26th Ward
  • Ogden 27th Ward [12]
  • Ogden 28th Ward
  • Ogden 29th Ward
  • Ogden 30th Ward
  • Ogden 31st Ward
  • Ogden 32nd Ward
  • Ogden 33rd Ward
  • Ogden 34th Ward
  • Ogden Deaf Branch
    (Ogden Valley Deaf Branch)
  • Weber South
  • Weber West
Roman Catholic
  • Saint Mary Parish
    4050 South 3900 West
    Ogden UT 84401
    Phone: (801) 621-7961



Ogden's Historic 25th Street

Ogden has a number of city-specific histories. Given its dominant role in Weber County, county histories should also be consulted. Some Ogden-specific histories include:

  • A History of Ogden [13]
  • History of Ogden, Utah in Old Post Cards[14]
  • Ogden [15]
  • Ogden Junction City [16]
  • Ogden pioneer forts and the people who lived there [17]
  • Ogden Rails: A History of Railroads in Ogden, Utah From 1860 to Today [18]
  1. Belnap, John M. ed. Ogden City and Weber County: A Historical Sketch, Transcribed from the Original Manuscript of Joseph Stanford, Ogden City, 1880 (1968)
  2. A Belnap Family Guide to Weber County, Utah, 1992

Land and Property

Includes City Park, Nevada, Grannway, Mansion Heights, Wilson Park, Nelson Park, Monterey, Orchard Grove, Florence Park, Academy Heights, Arlington Heights, Brummitt's, Fairmount, Hales, Hermitage, West Ogden Heights, Pacific Place, and Kings Additions; Eccles Subdivision and Ogden City Cemetery Annex.



Historical Newspapers

  One major resource for newspapers throughout Utah is the University of Utah's Utah Digital Newspapers project "with more than 600,000 pages of digitized Utah historical newspapers." Four newspapers from Weber County are included in this digital project, the Ogden Standard-Examiner predecessors, the Ogden Junction, Ogden Herald, and the Ogden Standard. Read more... about using Utah newspapers for your family history research.

Societies, Museums and Libraries

Ogden Pioneer Museum.jpg
  • Stewart Library ~ Weber State University
    3750 Harrison Blvd.
    Ogden, Utah


The following was taken from USGenWeb Project Weber County

Vital Records




Health Department


Sources and Footnotes

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