Obtaining Online Legal Land Descriptions and Grantee Names

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Obtaining the Legal Land Description for land your ancestor received by grant between 1870 and 1930 can be the necessary first step in obtaining additional information about our ancestor, i.e. – if your ancestor remained on the land until death, knowing the location of the land may help you determine where your ancestor and other family members may have been buried.


  • Grantee’s Name (land owner)
  • Date of grant
  • Legal Land Description
    • Part
    • Section
    • Township
    • Range
    • Meridian

Internet Address

http://www.collectionscanada.ca/archivianet/0201102_e.html (underline between 2 and e)

or do a google.com search for Canada Western Land Grants 1870 – 1930.

Using the Site

1. Enter grantee’s name in Keyword box, or

2. Enter legal land description

3. Click on submit query




Consider using spelling variations of grantee’s name if first attempt to use this site proves unsuccessful.

What To Do Next

Use the information contained here to contact the appropriate provincial archives to obtain additional personal information about the grantee.