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Oakland FSL
4766 Lincoln Avenue
Oakland, California

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Tue-Wed: 10:00 am – 9 pm
Thu-Sat: 10:00 am – 4 pm
Sun-Mon: Closed
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Class and Event Schedule

Date Title Teacher # wks Time

Oct 2 Beginning Series - Class 3 - Organization Johnson 3 of 7 10:30A
Oct 2 Intro to Personal Ancestral File (PAF) Miller 1 1:30-3P  
Oct 5 Intro to Personal Ancestral File (PAF) Miller 1 10:30A-12P
Oct 9 Beginning Series - Class 4 - Secondary Sources Lindsey 4 of 7 10:30A
Oct 10 East Bay Genealogical Society Meeting 
monthly 10:00A
Oct 10   Mac Users Group General Meeting George monthly  7:00P  
Oct 16 Beginning Series - Class 5 - Vital Records Sellers 5 of 7   10:30A
Oct 21 SF Bay Area Jewish Gen Soc. Meeting   Frankel monthly 1P
Oct 23   Beginning Series - Class 6 - Field trip to CGS Lindsey 6 of 7 10:30A  
Oct 24   African American Workshop Collins  monthly 6 - 8P  
Oct 26   Intro to Roots Magic Miller 1 10:30A-12P  
Oct 30 Beginning Series - Class 7 - Where Do I Go Now? Severson 7 of 7 10:30A
Oct 30 Intro to Roots Magic Miller 1 1:30P

Genealogy for the Beginning or Returning Researcher in the Digital Age - Instructor, Bonnie Matteson - Tuesday, Sept. 11, 7 PM - If you are new to genealogy or if you are coming back after being away many years and "everything has changed", this is the class for you.  Let Bonnie lead you into the present with this class designed just for you.  There is no charge but we would appreciate pre-registration at fhcoakland@gmail.com or 510-531-3905.

African-American Workshop - Encountering challenges overcoming those brick walls while conducting your family's African American genealogical research? Unsure of which research strategies and techniques can assist you in locating your ancestors? Are you unable to conduct your research beyond the magical year of 1870, (the first year African Americans were enumerated in the U.S. Census)? If you said yes to any of these questions, then the African American Research Workshop (AARW) may be the remedy to your genealogical challenges! The workshop is scheduled the fourth Wednesday of each month. Instruction takes place during convenient evening hours; 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Individual assistance is provided from 8:00 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. No pre-registraton necessary!

Beginning Genealogy Series - Class 1 - Getting Started

Students will be introduced to the basic tools of the genealogist, including forms, computer software programs and the vocabulary of genealogy. Discussions will cover the first steps: surveying your family for information and documents, organizing your files, recording your
research and establishing research goals.

Beginning Genealogy Series - Class 2 - Using Census Records
State and federal census records are among the most interesting and accessible of all genealogical source materials. Learn how to access and search these records and see the staggering amount of information that can be gleaned from them. The class will include examples of mortality, agricultural and slave census records, as well as Canadian and Mexican censuses.

Beginning Genealogy Series - Class 3 - Documenting in the Digital Age
If you don’t keep track of your research, both online and on site, you will find yourself repeating that research, struggling to locate records you know you have, or asking yourself, “Where did I find this information?” This class introduces students to the basics of research logs, digital
record storage and the art and science of citing sources.

Beginning Genealogy Series - Class 4 - Secondary Sources Students will go to the next research level: finding out what has already been done. Is it accurate? This class introduces family name books, genealogical compilations, websites, email lists and more. It helps the new genealogist leave the world of family lore and explore the genealogical community.

Beginning Genealogy Series - Class 5 - Vital Records, SSDI and the Calendar Change of 1752 This class introduces the wealth of information found in birth, marriage, and death records. Learn how to obtain vital records created at the various levels of the U.S. government: federal, state, county and town. The instructor will also explain the calendar change of 1752 and how it
affects genealogical research.

Beginning Genealogy Series - Class 6 - Field Trip to the CA Genealogical Society Library Tour the CGS Library and explore the resources available. Use the balance of the day to research your family with experienced genealogists on hand to assist.

Beginning Genealogy Series - Class 7 - Where Do I Go from Here?  

After a discussion of the resources available at the OFSL, this hands-on session will include an orientation to the computer desktop in the OFSL, the catalog of permanent collections, and the records that can be obtained on loan. We will tour the center and have an opportunity to put all the lessons learned in this series to practical use under the guidance of experienced genealogists.