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| May 19  
| May 19  
|    Mac Users Group Meeting '''(Date Chenge)'''  
|    Mac Users Group Meeting '''(Date Change)'''  
|   George  
|   George  
|   monthly  
|   monthly  

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Oakland FSL
4766 Lincoln Avenue
Oakland, California

Location Map

Tue-Wed: 10:00 am – 9 pm
Thu-Sat: 10:00 am – 4 pm
Sun-Mon: Closed
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Libraries and Societies


Ancestral Homelands : A Spotlight Series for Beginners - Online Preregistration required

The California Genealogical Society and the Oakland California Family History Center are offering a series of monthly classes designed to help beginners find where their immigrant ancestor came from. The fifth and final session, Tuesday, May 22 at 7 PM will be Beginning Research in Germany with Dr. Robert Jackson.  To register Click Here

African American Workshop - May 23

No pre-registration is required for this free workshop led by Judith Collins, specialist.  Researchers meet every 4th Wednesday from 6-8 PM.      ===

Class and Event Schedule 

Date Title Teacher # wks Time
May 2    Legacy Claimers Group            1

   6:00 PM 

May 6    Union City Tongan Ward Genealogy Activity       1      6:00 PM
May 9    East Bay Genealogical Society     monthly

   10:00 AM

May 9       Mac Users Workshop  George   monthly

   7:00 PM

May 18  

  East Bay Ward Indexing Activity

         1     2 - 6 PM
May 19    Mac Users Group Meeting (Date Change)   George   monthly     1:30 PM
May 20    African Amer. Gen. Soc - Family Program           1 

   2 - 4 PM

May 22    Ancestral Homelands - Germany   Jackson       1     7:00 PM
May 23    African American Workshop    Collins  monthly     6 - 8 PM

Coming Classes

Beginning Research in Germany : Crossing the Pond with Robert Jackson. – Tuesday, May 22, 2012 -

Focusing on the great wave of German immigration from 1840 to 1900, this class will outline the numerous resources available that can help you narrow the search for your ancestors' place of origin. We'll also touch on the special challenges posed by the spelling of German surnames and place names and by the movable feast of German geography in the 19th century. Finally, we'll glance ahead to the main issues involved in accessing archives and records in Germany. To register Click Here