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Oakland FSL
4766 Lincoln Avenue
Oakland, California

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Tue-Wed: 10:00 am – 9 pm
Thu-Sat: 10:00 am – 4 pm
Sun-Mon: Closed
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General information

Classes hosted by the Oakland FamilySearch Library are offered free of charge with an occasional small fee to cover the cost of handouts.  Pre-registration is required as classes may be cancelled when enrollment is insufficient. Pre-register at fhcoakland@gmail.com or 510-531-3905.

The Intermediate Genealogical Research Series presented by the California Genealogical Society is 10 week series costing $50 (includes syllabus).  Registration is now closed and no walk-ins are allowed.  All classes are taught in the Oakland FamilySearch Library.

The monthly African American Research Workshops are offered free and no pre-registration is required.

The research series "Beyond the Census: Resources and Records for African American Genealogy" is offered by the African American Genealogical Society of Northern California.  This is a five week series costing $35. Registration is now closed and no walk-ins are allowed.

Class and Event Schedule

Date Title Teacher # wks Time

Feb 1   Intro to Personal Ancestral File (PAF) Miller 1     1:30P
Feb 2 WETA Group in the FSL 1   10A-12P
Feb 2 Using Focus in Personal Ancestral File (PAF) Miller 1     1:30P
Feb 5 CGS* Intermediate Series (Cemetery Rec.) Lindsey 2 of 10     10:30A
Feb 5 AAGSNC* - Beyond the Census (Historic Black Newspapers) Sellers 2 of 5  6:30-8:30P
Feb 6 Eastern Europe Workshop Sellers 1  6:30-8:30P    
Feb 8 Intro to Roots Magic Miller 1  1:30-2:30P
Feb 9 WETA Group in the FSL
1   10A -1P
Feb 10 AAGSNC* - Black Family History Day
1  1:00-5:00P
Feb 12 CGS* Intermediate Series (Church Rec.) Lindsey 3 of 10    10:30A
Feb 12    AAGSNC* - Beyond the Census (Best Websites) Smith 3 of 5   6:30-8:30P
Feb 13 East Bay Genealogical Society Meeting
monthly        10:00A
Feb 13 Mac Users Workshop   George monthly      7:00P
Feb 15  Documentation in RootsMagic Miller 1  1:30-2:30P   
Feb 16  WETA Group in the FSL
1   10A - 1P  
Feb 17  Jewish Gen. Society Meeting Frankel monthly    12:30-4P   
Feb 19 CGS* Intermediate Series (Newspaper Research) Sellers 4 of 10     10:30A
Feb 19 AAGSNC* - Beyond the Census (Back Away from the Computer) Madden 4 of 5 6:30-8:30P
Feb 22 Using the Search Function in Roots Magic Miller 1 10:30A-12P
Feb 23 Oakland Stake Women's Workshop 1 10:30A-1:3
Feb 25 University Ward Family Home Evening 1 7:00-9:00P
Feb 26 CGS* Intermediate Series (Military Records) Johnston 5 of 10    10:30A
Feb 26 AAGSNC* - Beyond the Census (DNA Research) Ward 4 of 5 6:30-8:30P
Feb 27 African American Research Workshop Collins monthly 6:30-8:30P
  • AAGSNC = African American Genealogical Society of Northern California
  • CGS = California Genalogical Society

AAGSNC - Research Series - Historical Black Newspapers - Newspapers can provide incredible amounts of information that will help you in your research. An important aspect of researching black family history is that the major newspapers often did not publish items about members of the black community. Newspapers published by and for the black community stepped up to fill that void. Along with the kinds of things you'd expect -- births, marriages, deaths, military service, moves, hobbies, civic involvement, etc. -- you can also find stories specific to that community, such as personal ads searching for lost family members and historical reminiscences that include the names of former slave owners.

AAGSNC - Research Series - Best of Websites for African American Research - With the array of subscription based websites for genealogy, it can get confusing regarding which ones have the best records for African ancestored genealogy research. This workshop will explore the major websites, what they offer, and how to effectively search them and limit results to your ancestors.

AAGSNC - Research Series - Back Away From the Computer: You’ll Find More Offline - The online revolution in genealogy has been an immense help to researchers. On the other hand, it's caused many to forget about the millions of records that do not exist online. This workshop will cover what is available offline and how to access and research with these records in various locations.

AAGSNC - Research Series - DNA Research - Genetic genealogy is a new and exciting trend in family research. This workshop will delve into the terms used, the tests available, and how to read the results you receive back from a company.African-American Research Workshop - Encountering challenges overcoming those brick walls while conducting your family's African American genealogical research? Unsure of which research strategies and techniques can assist you in locating your ancestors? Are you unable to conduct your research beyond the magical year of 1870, (the first year African Americans were enumerated in the U.S. Census)? If you said yes to any of these questions, then the African American Research Workshop (AARW) may be the remedy to your genealogical challenges! The workshop is scheduled the fourth Wednesday of each month. Instruction takes place during convenient evening hours; 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Individual assistance is provided from 8:00 p.m. to 8:45 p.m. No pre-registraton necessary!

Documentation in RootsMagic (hands on) - Documenting (or footnoting) your research is a vital part of being a good genealogist. This class teaches the fundamentals of documentation using the RootsMagic software program but the principles taught could be used in any program. Please bring a flash drive to class if you have one.

Introduction to Personal Ancestral File (hands-on) - Instructor, Ken Miller - This is a hands-on introduction to the free genealogical data management program, Personal Ancestral File (PAF). It will cover how to open the program, entering data, documentation and adding pictures. There is no charge for the class but there will be a small fee to cover the cost of handouts.  We would appreciate pre-registration at fhcoakland@gmail.com or 510-531-3905 as the class is limited to 8 participants. Bring a flash drive if you have one.

Introduction to Roots Magic (hands-on) - Instructor, Ken Miller - This is a hands-on introduction to the genealogical data management program Roots Magic. It will cover opening the program, entering data, using templates for sources and notes, and adding pictures. The Webinar on Using RootsMagic will be included on the CD that will be given to participants. There is no charge for the class but there will be a small fee to cover the cost of handouts. We would appreciate pre-registration at fhcoakland@gmail.com or 510-531-3905 as the class is limited to 8 participants. Bring a flash drive if you have one.

CGS Intermediate Research Series - Cemetery Records - People are seldom buried alone. More often they are buried in plots surrounded by other family members. This class will focus on the kinds of cemeteries that exist and how to obtain and use their records. It will include some of the best internet resources for cemetery records.

CGS Intermediate Research Series - Church Records - This class will introduce the kinds of information kept by various churches. We will discuss how to find these records whether on the Internet, microfilm or still in the resident church.

CGS Intermediate Research Series - Newspaper Research - Often used as a last resort because there were no indexes and the only copies were located in libraries where your family lived, this resource is becoming an amazing tool for genealogists. This class will identify where to find newspaper sources, how to search them and provide up-to-date methods not only to prove, but to enhance your genealogical research.