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Nova Scotia was the first European settlement north of Florida. Joao Fagudes set up a small settlement there in 1523. Read more...


Major Repositories

Migration Routes

Pier 21{·}} Halifax Road or Grand Communication Route

Did You Know?

Nova Scotia is a penninsula on the east coast of Canada. Settlements in Nova Scotia (the Latin term for "New Scotland") began in 1604. In the 1600s, Nova Scotia was part of Acadia. All of Nova Scotia passed into possession of Great Britain in 1713. The Province of Nova Scotia was formed in 1867, being one of the original four provinces to join the Confederation.

Early vital records of Nova Scotia, Canada are viewable over the Internet for the first time at and they are free.

Free census records for Nova Scotia and other provinces can be found at Records for 1871, 1881 and 1891 are indexed. Indexes for some of the others can be found at which is available free at most FamilySearch Centers through the Family History Center Portal.

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