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'''County Courthouse'''<br>328 West Courthouse Road<br>Nottoway, VA 23955  
'''County Courthouse'''<br>328 West Courthouse Road<br>Nottoway, VA 23955  
*Some records were destroyed during the Civil War
*Clerk Circuit Court has marriage, divorce, and court records from 1865; land probate and military records from 1789.<ref name="Handybook" />
*Clerk Circuit Court has marriage, divorce, and court records from 1865; land probate and military records from 1789.<ref name="Handybook" />
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Nottoway County, Virginia
Boundary map of Nottoway County, Virginia
Map of Virginia highlighting Nottoway County
Location in the state of Virginia
Map of the U.S. highlighting Virginia
Location of Virginia in the U.S.
Founded 1788
County Seat Nottoway
United States Gotoarrow-kelly.png Virginia Gotoarrow-kelly.png Nottoway County 

Nottoway County Courthouse

County Courthouse
328 West Courthouse Road
Nottoway, VA 23955

  • Clerk Circuit Court has marriage, divorce, and court records from 1865; land probate and military records from 1789.[1]
Beginning Dates for Nottoway County, Virginia Genealogy Government Records
Birth Marriage Death Census Land Probate

Quick Facts

Wikipedia has more about this subject: Nottoway County, Virginia

Parent County

22 December 1788: Nottoway County was created 22 December 1788 from Amelia County.

County seat: Nottoway [1]

Boundary Changes

Record Loss


Populated Places

Neighboring Counties


African American

Bible Records

  • Featherston "Bible Record of William Featherston (Nottoway Co., Va. - Robertson Co., Tenn.)," Virginia Genealogical Society Quarterly Bulletin, Vol. 1, No. 3 (July 1963):20.


Gotoarrow-kelly.png Civil War

  • Cummins, A. B. Nottoway County, Virginia: Founding and Development with Biographical Sketches. Richmond, Va.: W.M. Brown and Son, Printers, 1970. FHL Collection


  • Contract book of the Richmond Cooperative Milk Producers Association, 1930-1931 FHL Collection



For tips on accessing Nottoway County, Virginia Genealogy census records online, see: Virginia Census.

Historical populations
Census Pop.



1890 Union Veterans



  • Rev. John Cameron's marriage register of Bristol, Cumberland and Nottoway parishes, Virginia, 1784-1815 and other more recent records, mainly of Nottoway Parish FHL Collection


  • A brief history of the Blackstone Presbyterian Church 1823-1961. This church was formed in 1824 as a branch of the Nottoway Presbyterian Church. In 1911 it became a separate church. FHL Collection

Court Records

Chancery Court

  • Indexed images of Nottoway County, Virginia Chancery Records 1818-1968 are available online through Virginia Memory: Chancery Records Index. These records, often concerned with inheritance disputes, contain a wealth of genealogical information.

Correctional Institutions

  • A register of persons convicted of felony, etc., 1931-1966 FHL Collection


More than 15 genealogies have been published about Nottoway County families. To view a list, visit Nottoway County, Virginia Genealogy.

Historic Residences


Gotoarrow-kelly.png Biography
Gotoarrow-kelly.png Civil War


  • Amelia County, Virginia deeds. Prince Edward County, Va. was not cut off of Amelia County until 1754, and Nottoway County was not cut off until 1789, so this book contains deeds for both of these present-day counties. -- Foreword, v. 1
    v. 1. Deed book 1, 1735-1743, and bonds, 1735-1741
    v. 2. Deed book 2, 1742-1747
    v. 3. Deed books 3-4, 1747-1753
    v. 4. Deed book 5-6, 1753-1759
    v. 5. Deed books 7-8, 1759-1765
    v. 6. Deed books 9-11, 1766-1773
    v. 7. Deed books 12-14, 1773-1778
    v. 8. Deed books 15-17, 1778-1786. FHL Collection
  • Deed records, 1789-1900; general indexes, 1866-1974. Some of the deed books may have been lost during the Civil War. After the war, the numbering of volumes started over with v. 1. FHL Collection
  • Returns of processioners, 1795-1824. Contains land processioning records recorded with the County Court which include the land description and who was present at the processioning. {FHL|1040518|item}}
  • Some early landowners in southern Nottoway and northern Lunenburg counties, Virginia and the Cocke (Coke) family who once lived there. Contains maps with tract codes and a list of landowners giving the names of grantor and grantee, tract code, year, number of acres, source, and other information. Includes a list of streams and other landmarks and the Cocke (Coke) family genealogy. FHL Collection

Grants and Patents



  • Elliott, Katherine B. Emigration to Other States from Southside Virginia. 2 vols. South Hill, Virginia: K. B. Elliott, 1966. Includes individuals who migrated out of Nottoway County to other parts of the country. FHL Collections


Revolutionary War

Nottoway County, Virginia Genealogy residents' participation in the Revolutionary War.[2]

War of 1812

  • Douthat, James L. Roster of War of 1812, Southside, Virginia. Signal Mountain, Tenn.: Mountain Press, 2007. Free online surname index and purchase details at Mountain Press website. FHL Collection 975.5 M2djL. [Includes Nottoway County.]
  • List of Pensioners on the Roll, January 1, 1883; Giving the Name of Each Pensioner, the Cause for Why Pensioned, the Post-Office Address, the Rate of Pension Per Month, and the Date of Original Allowance... Washington, D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1883. FHL Collection 973 M2Lp v. 5; digital versions at Google Books and Internet Archive. [See Vol. 5, Virginia, Nottoway County, p. 96. Identifies War of 1812 veterans living in this county in 1883.]

Civil War

  • The Nottoway Artillery and Barr's Battery, Virginia Light Artillery FHL Collection
  • Southside Virginia in the Civil War : Amelia, Brunswick, Charlotte, Halifax, Lunenburg, Mecklenburg, Nottoway, & Prince Edward counties FHL Collection
  • Minute book for the Pension Board 1902-1917. The Pension Board handled the approval process and dispersion of pensions for the Confederate veterans of the Civil War. FHL Collection
  • The Captain remembers: the papers of Captain Richard Irby. Historical sketch of the Nottaway Grays, afterwards Company G, Eighteenth Virginia Regiment, Army of Northern Virginia. FHL Collection


Professor Tom Costa and The Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia have created a database of all runaway advertisements for slaves, indentured servants, transported convicts, and ship deserters listed in the Virginia Gazette and other Virginia newspapers (1736-1803), see: The Geography of Slavery in Virginia.

Vital Records

  • The Farmville Herald: index to births, deaths and marriages. Contents: v. 1. 1893-1912, also includes 1873-1876 of The Farmville Mercury and The Farmville Commonwealth. FHL Collection


  • Medical register, 1917-1975. Contains copies of medical licenses for physical therapists, surgeons, dentists, optometrists, general practioners ("regular doctors"), and "allopathic" doctors. FHL Collection
  • Register of physicians, surgeons and dentists, 1894-1950 FHL Collection


Gotoarrow-kelly.png Probate Records


A free index to Nottoway County, Virginia Genealogy wills and administrations (1789-1800) is available at the Library of Virginia website.

  • SAMPUBCO free online index resource that serves as a good starting place to search for Nottoway County wills.
  • Will records, 1789-1964; general indexes, 1865-1975 FHL Collection
  • Accounts current records, 1867-1915; general index to fiduciary settlements, 1867-1915 FHL Collection
  • Fiduciary order books, 1942-1972 FHL Collection
  • Record of fiduciaries, 1901-1902 FHL Collection
  • Bond and guarantee companies books, 1923-1974. A bond is a legal document wherein a person commits himself, his heirs, executors and administrators to pay a required amount of money to another if certain duties are not performed. These were paid by people elected or appointed to public offices or to act as guardians, executors or administrators of a person's estate. FHL Collection
  • Bond books, 1852-1865, 1891-1917; general index to bond books, 1866-1917 FHL Collection
  • Bond books, 1899-1914, 1972-1975 FHL Collection

Public Records

  • Minute book for the Board of Blendon Township 1871-1875 and the Pension Board 1902-1917. FHL Collection
  • Minute book for the Finance Board, 1932-1940 FHL Collection


How can Virginia tax lists help me?

Vital Records

Indexes to Nottoway County, Virginia Genealogy births, marriages, and deaths are available online. These collections are incomplete, but are easy to search. Most records can also be ordered electronically online as well. Courtesy: FamilySearch - free. See also How to order Virginia Vital Records


  • Marriage register, 1865-1942; general indexes, 1866-1958, 1969-1975 FHL Collection

Vital Record Substitutes

The Virginia Historical Society's Marriage and Obituary Index, 1736-1820 (newspaper abstracts) is available for free online. Images of the original index cards are browseable, arranged alphabetically by surname.

Societies, Libraries and Museums

  • Account book, 1875-1877. This is the account book for Council no. 124, F. of T, which is a temperance society. FHL Collection


Hands on keyboard.png Genealogy courses: Learn how to research from an expert in Fun Five Minute Genealogy Videos.


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