Northampton County, Virginia Compiled Genealogies

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Has anyone studied my Northampton County, Virginia Genealogy before?

More than 125 family history books and articles have been published about Northampton County's families.

Main article: Northampton County, Virginia


As of November 2010, a query for individuals born in Northampton, Virginia at World Connect, results in more than 30,000 entries.

Northampton County, Virginia Surnames (courtesy: Linkpendium) contains links to more than 125 online resources about this county's families, including compiled genealogies.

For information about the earliest colonists of Northampton County, Virginia, McCartney's work is a great place to start:

Compiled genealogies that treat multiple Northampton County families include:

  • Carey, Mary Frances, Barry W. Miles and Moody K. Miles. Colonial Families of the Eastern Shore of Virginia. 3 vols. Lewes, De.: Colonial Roots, c2004-2007. FHL Book 975.51 D2c v. 1-v. 3. Contents: v. 1. Descendants of James Bonnewell, Richard Bundick, William Mason, Edward Thornton, Henry Trader, and Henry Wright -- v. 2. Descendants of Edward Bayly, Richard Bayly, Edward Byrd, Edward Ker, John Lewis, Samuel Marshall, and Roger Miles -- v. 3. Descendants of Thomas Elliott (Northampton County), Thomas Elliott (Onley, Accomack County), Thomas Elliott (Wachapreague, Accomack), John Fisher, John Mapp, and Bartholowmew Mears.



It is anticipated that this bibliography will eventually identify all known family histories published about residents of this county. Use this list to:

  • Locate publications about direct ancestors
  • Find the most updated accounts of an ancestor's family
  • Identify publications, to quote Elizabeth Shown Mills, about an ancestor's "FAN Club" [Friends, Associates, and Neighbors]
  • [Adams] Krauss, Jewell Bell. Adams - Bell Genealogies and Allied Families. Astoria, Ill.: Stevens Pub., 1983. FHL Book 929.273 Ad17k.
  • [Addison] Nottingham, Stratton. The Addisons and Allied Families: Jacob, Custis, Kellam, Whittington, Teackle, Hack, Scarburgh, Upshur and Kendall. Eastville, Va.: Hickory House, c2002. FHL Book 929.273 Ad25n.
  • [Alexander] Alexander, Charles Carman and Virginia Wood Alexander. Alexander Kin. 2 vols. Greenville, S.C.: Southern Historical Press, 1965-1990. FHL Book 929.273 AL27ac v. 2. (Volume 1 is on FHL US/CAN Fiche 6019511.)
  • [Allen] Brashear, Charles. Cinda Rilla's Genes: The Ancestry of Cinda Rilla (Nelson) Brashears, Including Our Allen, Hunt, Scales, Napier Families, Nelson Families of Guilford Co., NC, Our Hart and Heath Families, Our Nelson Families in Texas.</span San Diego, Calif.: C. Brashear, [199-]. FHL Book 929.273 AL53bc.
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  • [Burton] Harrison, Francis Burton. Burton Chronicles of Colonial Virginia: Being Excerpts from the Existing Records, Particularly Relation to the Burtons of the Valley of the James and Appomattox; with Especial Reference to the Ancestry of Jesse Burton of Lynchburg (1750?-1795). Hartford, Ky.: Cook & McDowell Publications, 1979.
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