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== Jurisdictions  ==
== Provinces ==
{{NorthKoreamap}} [[Chagang Province, North Korea|Chagang]] {{·}} [[Hamgyongbuk Province, North Korea|Hamgyongbuk]] {{·}} [[Hamgyongnam Province, North Korea|Hamgyongnam]] {{·}} [[Hwanghaenam Province, North Korea|Hwanghaenam]] {{·}} [[Hwanghaebuk Province, North Korea|Hwanghaebuk]] {{·}} [[Kangwon Province, North Korea|Kangwon]] {{·}} [[Pyonganbuk Province, North Korea|Pyonganbuk]] {{·}} [[Pyongannam Province, North Korea|Pyongannam]] {{·}} [[Pyongyang Province, North Korea|Pyongyang]] {{·}} [[Rason Province, North Korea|Rason]] {{·}} [[Ryanggang Province, North Korea|Ryanggang]]
[[Chagang_Province,_North_Korea|Chagang]] {{·}}  
[[Hamgyongbuk_Province,_North_Korea|Hamgyongbuk]] {{·}}
[[Hamgyongnam_Province,_North_Korea|Hamgyongnam]] {{·}}
[[Hwanghaenam_Province,_North_Korea|Hwanghaenam]] {{·}} [[Hwanghaebuk_Province,_North_Korea|Hwanghaebuk]] {{·}}  
[[Kangwon_Province,_North_Korea|Kangwon]] {{·}}  
[[Pyonganbuk_Province,_North_Korea|Pyonganbuk]] {{·}}
[[Pyongannam_Province,_North_Korea|Pyongannam]] {{·}}
[[Pyongyang_Province,_North_Korea|Pyongyang]] {{·}}  
[[Rason_Province,_North_Korea|Rason]] {{·}} [[Ryanggang_Province,_North_Korea|Ryanggang]] {{·}}
== Research Tools  ==
== Research Tools  ==

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Korea is a 600-mile (966-km) peninsula jutting out from Manchuria and China (and a small portion of the USSR). North Korea occupies an area—slightly smaller than Pennsylvania—north of the 38th parallel. The country is almost completely covered by a series of north-south mountain ranges separated by narrow valleys. The Yalu River forms part of the northern border with Manchuria.


Pyonganbuk ProvinceChagang ProvinceRyanggang ProvinceHamgyongbuk ProvinceRason ProvinceHamgyongnam ProvinceSouth KoreaKangwon ProvinceHwanghaebuk ProvinceHwanghaenam ProvincePyongyang ProvincePyongannam ProvincePyongannam ProvinceChinaNorthkoreaprovinces.jpg
Chagang  · Hamgyongbuk  · Hamgyongnam  · Hwanghaenam  · Hwanghaebuk  · Kangwon  · Pyonganbuk  · Pyongannam  · Pyongyang  · Rason  · Ryanggang

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