North Carolina Compiled Genealogies

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Most archives, historical societies, and genealogical societies and some public libraries, have special collections of previous research and indexes of genealogical value. You must usually search these in person.

Nationwide Indexes

Information on nationwide genealogical indexes are available in the United States Research Outline (30972). Some of them are:

Ancestral File:

Available at:

1. Click on Search Tab.

2. Click on Ancestral File.

3. Enter Search information.

FamilyFinder™ Index

Available at: [cited 15 December 2007]

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Family History Library Catalog Surname Search

Available at:

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Genealogical Index of the Newberry Library

Primarily an index of sources published from the 1800s to 1917. ( Family History Library Microfilm 928135, 928136 and 928137, and Family History Library 973 D22n v. 4 .)

Index to American Genealogies

(known as Munsell's Index). 1900. Reprint, Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing, 1967. (Family History Library book 973 D22m 1900; film 599811) This indexes 63,000 citations in family and local history books and periodicals published prior to 1908.

National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (NUCMC)

Annual. Washington, D.C.: Library of Congress, 1959-. (Family History Library book 016.091 N21)

Also available at

Index to Personal Names in the National Catalog of Manuscript Collections, 1959-1984.

2 vols. Alexandria, Virginia.: Chadwyck-Healey, 1988. (Family History Library book 016.091 N21

=== International Genealogical Index ( Also available on FamilySearch™ Internet Genealogy Service.)

Old Surname Index File

("North_Carolina_Genealogy'" section)

Periodical Source Index (PERSI)

('Periodicals North Carolina Periodicals North Carolina Periodicals section.

Also available on the Internet at: for a subscription fee.

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Another Nationwide Index

For another nationwide index of importance to North Carolina research, see:

Rider, Fremont, ed. American Genealogical- Biographical Index. Vols. 1–186+. Middletown, Connecticut: Godfrey Memorial Library, 1952–. (Family History Library book 973 D22am, ser. 2; on 31 films starting with 1698167.) This is a continuing series. An earlier version of 48 volumes was published as The American Genealogical Index, 1942–1951. The index includes over 4 million brief citations (name, date, and source) to manuscripts, periodicals, and books. The earlier version had reference to 350 sources; the references have been included in the second version. The second version has consulted an additional 800 sources. Also available through:

"American Genealogical Biographical Index (AGBI)." In [database on-line]. Orem, Utah: Ancestry, 1999 [cited 7 October 1999. Available at: under the heading of Research and Finding Aids on the right. This on-line database is available only to members. Ancestry is a trademark of Ancestry, Inc.

To help interpret citations and locate the original sources, use the colored pages in some volumes or use:

Clark, Patricia I., and Dorothy Huntsman, eds. American Genealogical Biographical Key Title Index. Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1990. (Family History Library book 973 D22am index; film 1698167 item4; fiche 6088377). This index shows which sources are at the Family History Library and their call numbers.

Statewide Bibliography

A major index to genealogical works on North Carolina families is:

Hehir, Donald M. Carolina Families: A Bibliography of Books about North and South Carolina Families. Bowie, Maryland.: Heritage Books, 1994. (Family History Library book 975.6 D23hd.) This book lists over 1,400 family surnames and gives full bibliographical information about books and microfilms.

Manuscript Collections

The Daughters of the American Revolution Genealogical Collection contains transcripts of Bible, cemetery, church, will, marriage, death and obituary records. See the "Bible Records" section of this outline.

McCubbins’ Collection. Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1956. (Family History Library films 19828–903.) This collection, gathered by Mamie G. McCubbins, contains cemetery, Bible, newspaper, family, and county records of Rowan County and more than 30 other counties formed from Rowan County. The records are arranged alphabetically by surname. The first three films are an alphabetical surname guide. The collection is at the Rowan County Library in Salisbury.

Published Collections

Hathaway, James R. B., ed. The North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register. 3 vols. Edenton, North Carolina: J.R.B. Hathaway, 1900–1903. (Family History Library book 975.6 D25n; film 1206449 items 3–5). This register includes 50,000 names found in land, court, and probate records. Indexes to Hathaway’s work include:

Worth, S. Ray. Ray’s Index and Digest to Hathaway’s North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register: With Genealogical Notes and Annotations. Baltimore, Maryland: Southern Book, 1956. (Family History Library book975.6 D25n index; film 1697387 item 2. A 1979 reprint of this index is found on film 1320669 item 7.)

Wimberly, Vera Meek. Index to Hathaway’s North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register. Conroe, Texas: Montgomery County Genealogical and Historical Society, 1989. (Family History Library book 975.6 D25n index 1989.)

Hamrick, David O. Index to the North Carolina Historical and Genealogical Register: Hathaway’s Register. 3 vols. Greenville, South Carolina: A Press, 1983. (Family History Library book 975.6 D25n index 1983.)

Index of North Carolina Ancestors. 2 vols. Raleigh, North Carolina: North Carolina Genealogical Society, 1981–1984. (FHL book 975.6 D2i.) This is a list of ancestors names submitted by members of the North Carolina Genealogical Society. The names and addresses of the contributors are given at the end of each volume. Each volume lists different ancestors’ names. There is also a spouse index.

Smallwood, Marilu Burch. Some Colonial and Revolutionary Families of North Carolina. 3 vols. Washington, North Carolina: M. B. Smallwood, 1964. (Family History Library book 975.6 D2s; film 795957 items 4-5 and film 795958 item 1.)

Eaker, Lorena Shell, ed. German Speaking People West of the Catawaba River in North Carolina 1750–1800. Franklin, North Carolina: Genealogy Publishing Service, 1994. (Family History Library book 975.6 W2e.) This book contains the genealogies of many families of German origin who settled in western North Carolina.

Genealogy sources can be found in the Family History Library Catalog by using a Place Search under: