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Newspapers mention births, marriages, deaths, anniversaries, family gatherings, family travel, achievements, business notices, engagement information, probate court proceedings, and other news items. Some newspapers are indexed.


The earliest known newspaper published in New York State was the New York Gazette which commenced publishing in New York City in 1725.  It was followed in 1733 by John Peter Zenger’s New York Journal, made famous in a 1735 court decision that established freedom of the press in the province (colony) of New York. For more details.

Colonial Newspapers

In the colonial period, most of the newspapers in the New York were published in New York City.

Colonial (pre 1775) newspapers for New York, along with transcripts and web locations, are:


  • 1771-1772 Albany Gazette – no known transcripts have survived

New York City

  • Grace Kneale. “Early Death Notices from Zenger’s New York Journal, “ New York Genealogical and Biographical Record 47-49 1916-1918, [serialized] 
  • Kenneth Scott. Genealogical Data from Colonial New York Newspapers: A Consolidation of Articles from the New York, Genealogical and Biographical Record. (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1977). [Gazette pp. 1-13 from NYG&BR 95 (October 1964): 220-232, Journal pp. 14-28 from NYG&BR 96 (January 1965): 1-15.]
  • 1743-1773 Parker’s New-York Gazette: or, The Weekly Post-Boy
  • Kenneth Scott. Genealogical Data from the New York Post-Boy 1743-1773. (Washington: National Genealogical Society, 1970).
  • Kenneth Scott, GDCNYN, pp 29-128; NYG&BR 96-99 (1965-1968), [serialized]
  • “Vital Records from Old New York Newspapers.” Journal of American Genealogy, 1 (1921): 66-70, 160-161, 255-260, 325 -330.
  • 1752-1753 The Independent Reflector
  • 1753 The Occasional Reverberator
  • 1755 The Instructor
  • 1755 John Englishman
  • 1766-1775 The New-York Journal; or, The General Advertiser
  • 1759-1767 The New-York Gazette
  • 1762 The American Chronicle
  • 1763 The New-York Pacquet
  • 1768-1775 The New-York Gazette and the Weekly Mercury
  • Kenneth Scott GDCNYN, pp. 129-243; NYG&BR vol. 99-107 (1968-1976).[serialized]
  • Kenneth Scott, Rivington’s New York Newspaper: Excerpts from a Loyalist Press, 1773-1783, (Binghamton, N.Y.: The New-York Hist. Soc., 1973).

Resources for New York Newspapers

Online New York Newspaper Bibliographies

New York State Library
The New York State Newspaper Project catalog and microfilmed any known New York newspaper. Copies of the microfilms are at the New York State Library and can be accessed onsite and through inter-library loan.

New York State Library holdings
Holdings in other New York locations

Library of Congress

  • U.S. Newspaper Directory, 1690-Present - national directory of over 140,000 newspaper titles. Includes list of libraries from around the country that have the newspapers in their collections.

New York Newspaper Bibliographies - Book form

  • New York State Library, A Checklist of Newspapers in Microform in the New York State Library (Albany, New York: New York State Library, 1979); At various libraries - outdated, New York newspapers have been microfilmed, and can be borrowed through inter-library loan.

Digital Newspaper Issues Online

Wikipedia has more about this subject: List of online newspaper archives

New York Times

Other New York Newspapers

  • - ($) has over 4 million pages of New York newspapers (mostly Syracuse) online. Some libraries subscribe to this website under the name Access NewspaperArchive.
  • Genealogy Bank - ($), images of “historical” articles from 46 New York State newspapers from 1733 – 1998, and of obituaries from 136 New York State newspapers from 1986 to the present. Some libraries subscribe to this website.
  • America Historical Newspapers - ($), replaces the old Readex Microcard for American newspapers from 1700 to the mid 1800s. Some libraries and genealogical societies subscribe to this website.


Indexes to and transcripts of newspaper obituaries and marriages are:

  • Fred Q. Bowman, 10,000 Vital Records of Central New York, 1813–1850 (Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1986). FHL book 974.7 V2bf
  • Fred Q. Bowman, 10,000 Vital Records of Western New York, 1809–1850 (Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1985). FHL book 974.7 V2b
  • Fred Q. Bowman, 10,000 Vital Records of Eastern New York, 1777–1834 (Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1987)FHL book 974.7 V2bfq This is continued in 1,100 Vital Records of Northeastern New York, 1835–1850. The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record vol. 118 and vol. 119 (July 1987–July 1988).
  • Fred Q. Bowman, 8,000 More Vital Records of Eastern New York State, 1804–1850 (Rhinebeck, New York: Knshp, 1991) FHL book 974.7 V2bfqa
  • Joseph Gavit, American Deaths and Marriages, 1784–1829 (Albany, New York: New York State Library, 1977). FHL films 1022833–34 - has 40,000 entries alphabetical by surname of husbands and wives from sixty-five newspapers.  Additional index: Kenneth Scott, Joseph Gavit's American Deaths and Marriages, 1784–1829: Index to Non-Principals (New Orleans, Louisiana: Polyanthos, Incorporated, 1976) FHL book 974.7 B32s) - an index to people other than the brides and grooms
  • Moorhouse, B-Ann. Notices of Irish-Born Persons in New York City Newspapers.  Article covers death, original Parish and County where deceased person was born in Ireland, relationships, and place of burial. Years covered 1819-1891.  Article in The Irish Ancestor. Vol. V no.1. 1973, Pages 24-27. Family History Ref. 941.5 B2i V5-6.
  • Kenneth Scott, Genealogical Data From Colonial New York Newspapers: A Consolidation From the New York Genealogical and Biographical Record. (Baltimore, Maryland: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1977). FHL book 974.71 D28s - Indexes newspapers from 1726–1783.
  • Kenneth Scott, Genealogical Data from the New York Post-Boy 1743–1773 (Washington, D.C.: National Genealogical Society, 1980). FHL book974.71 B38s

The Family History Library has few New York newspapers other than The New York Times, 1857–1912 (Family History Library films 412 reels). Indexes to the Times include:

  • Falk, Byron A., Jr., and Valerie R. Falk. Personal Name Index to "The New York Times Index, 1851–1979." 22 Volumes. Succasunna, New Jersey: Roxbury Data Interface, 1976 and 1975–1989 1993 Supplement. 29 Volumes. Verdi, Nevada: Roxbury Data Interface, 1991. (Family History Library book 974.71 B3f.) This indexes The New York Times Index, which is not at the Family History Library but is at many public and university libraries.
  • The New York Times Obituaries Index. Two Volumes. New York, New York: The Times, 1970. (Family History Library book 974.71 V42n.) This index covers 1858–1978.

In addition to these published books, the Family History Library has clippings and other collections of genealogical extracts from newspapers for Dutchess, Madison, Rensselaer, Schenectady, and other counties.

Web Sites

US Newspaper Bibliographies

  • U.S. Newspaper Directory, 1690-Present - national directory from the Library of Congress containing over 140,000 newspaper titles. The directory provides a list of libraries from around the country that have the newspapers in their collections. 
  • Clarence S. Brigham, History and Bibliography of American Newspapers, 1690-1820 (Worcester, Massachusetts: American Antiquarian Society, c1947, c1975); At various libraries;FHL Book 973 A3bc
  • Library of Congress, Catalog Publication Division, Newspapers in Microform: United States: 1948-1983, Washington, District of Columbia : Library of Congress, 1984); At various libraries; FHL Book 011.35 N479 1984 – gives location of microfilm copies for use of inter-library loan.