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Directories listing the names, addresses, and occupations of adults have been published for at least 120 municipalities and for some New Jersey counties. The Newark Business Library, 34 Commerce Street, Newark, NJ 07102 has more than 2,000 New Jersey city directories. The New Jersey State Library, Library of Congress, and New York Public Library also have large collections. Some of the most frequently used directories at the Family History Library are:


Family History Library fiche 6044005-6, 6044008
1859-1860 Family History Library  fiche 6044010
1861-1901 Family History Library  films 1376941-56
1902-1926 Family History Library films 1929185-90

Jersey City

1849-1860 Family History Library fiche 6044004-11
1861-1901 Family History Library  films 1376941-56
1902-1926 Family History Library  films 1929185-90


1835-1860 Family History Library fiche 6044170-98
1861-1901 Family History Library  films 1377110-36
1902-1935 Family History Library  films 1611849-74
1938 Family History Library  film 1320616 item 1


1844-1845, 1854, 1857,
1859, 1867-1935
(intermittent years)
On 13 Family History Library  fiche beginning with 6044540; films 1841636-52 
1930 Family History Library film 1425566 item 4)

For further directories in these and other cities, see:

  • Brown, Michael. Guide to New Jersey City Directories. Kendall Park, New Jersey, New Jersey: New Jersey Information Services, 1993. (Family History Library book 974.9 E43b) (Shows city, year, and title, but not repository.

Also check the city directories for New York City and Philadelphia if your ancestor lived near these metropolitan areas. The New Jersey home addresses of people who worked in Philadelphia or New York are often listed.

Web Sites

  • US City Directories This web site identifies printed, microfilmed, and online directories and their repositories.