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Netherlands Homepage

For a list of various Dutch websites, click here.


WieWasWie gives you a quick way to find your Dutch forebears, both in the Netherlands and overseas. Your search is in the most accurate source for Dutch genealogy, the Civil Register. And it is not difficult!

WieWasWie is a national Dutch database containing information for use in genealogical research. It is a joint initiative by the national archive services and the regional historical centres. This means that it is not a database of documents held by the Nationaal Archief.

WieWasWie holds data from the Civil Register. This is the official record of births, marriages and deaths in the Netherlands. It has existed in most of the country since 1811, but in the province of Limburg somewhat longer. Although WieWasWie contains a large proportion of this data, not all Dutch local authorities are yet included. Some provinces, such as Zuid-Holland, are still barely represented.

The database also contains some details of baptisms, marriages and deaths maintained by church parishes prior to 1811, as well as memoranda of inheritance from the 19th century.

WieWasWie contains 87 million names as of January 2014. 


Births (1811 to 1903) Marriages (1811 to 1923) Deaths (1811 to 1953) Death duties - statements of succession

A record of birth provides you with the following information:

  • The name of the child
  • The names of the parents
  • The exact date of birth
  • The place of birth

A record of marriage provides you with the following information:

  • The names and ages of the bride and groom
  • In most cases, the names of the bride's and the groom's parents
  • In most cases, the places of birth of the bride and groom
  • Whether the bride is a widow or the groom a widower
  • In most cases the profession of groom and/or bride

A record of death provides you with the following information:

  • The name of the deceased
  • The exact date of death
  • In most cases, the name of the deceased's parents
  • In most cases, the age of the deceased
  • In some cases, the deceased's place of birth
  • In some cases, the name of the deceased's spouse

Other Dutch Web Sites

Other genealogical websites in the Netherlands include. Most of these are free sites.

To find more genealogical websites in the Netherlands, try these websites: Dutch Websites and Genealogie in Nederlandse provinciën.

For more information on vital records see also "Civil Registration" or "Church Records."