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Nennig, Germany

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Includes Berg, Besch and Wies as well as Remich in Luxembourg. Besch was in Luxembourg for a time under French occupation. This parish was in Kr. Saarburg, but is now in Kr. Merzig-Wadern.

Church Records[edit | edit source]

Access in Europe limited to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Katholische Kirche Kirchenbuch

Records in German and Germanized Latin.

Taufen 1696-1779 585933 item 1
Heiraten 1714-1719, 1726-1740
Tote 1744-1758
Kommunionen 1732-1779
Taufen 1780-1799 item 2
Heiraten 1770-1799
Tote 1756-1799
Taufen 1796-1797 item 3
Heiraten 1796-1797
Tote 1796-1797
Taufen 1799-1800 item 4
Taufen 1756-1799
Heiraten 1779-1791
Tote 1779-1791
Taufen 1794-1803 item 5
Kirchenbucher: 546089
Taufen 1799-1893
Heiraten 1799-1891
Tote 1799-1838
Konfirmationen 1803-1895

Zivilstandsregister (Civil Registration)[edit | edit source]

'Besseringen district. Records in French and German. In 1798, the French Republic government, then the occupier of the west bank of the Rhine until 1815, required the civil registration. This particular section was found among the parish records of Nennig.

Geburten 1805-1812 585933 item 5
Heiraten 1805-1812
Tote 1805-1812