Nebraska Minorities

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United StatesGotoarrow.png Nebraska Gotoarrow.png Minorities

Learn the history of the ethnic, racial, and religious groups of your ancestors. The background of these groups often reveals clues about where they originated, why they moved, and where they settled. Their stories also add depth and richness to your family history.

African Americans
link= American_Online_Genealogy_Records African American
Online Records

Writers' Program. Nebraska. The Negroes of Nebraska. written and compiled by workers of the Writers' program, Work Projects Administration in the Stat of Nebraska; sponsored by the Omaha Urban League Community Center; Lincoln, Neb.: Woodruff Print. Co., 1940. E185.93 N5 W7

Germans from Russia

1872-1873 Several groups emigrate from the Odessa area to Nebraska and the Dakotas. Scouts from other Black Sea colonies and the Volga colonies investigate opportunities in America.

1874 The Imperial Russian government amends the 187l decree and institutes compulsory military conscription of German colonists immediately.

1874-1914 Thousands of German colonists emigrate from Russia to North and South America.