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Statewide directories for Nebraska were published periodically from 1882 to 1917. The 1886 directory was the first to list farmers in addition to businesses. It was compiled from the agricultural schedule of the 1885 census, and thus it is a partial index to that census (see the Census article). The directories have been microfilmed and are available for purchase from the Nebraska State Historical Society.

The Family History Library has a copy of the 1878 business directory of cities, towns, and forts along the railroads of Nebraska, Colorado, and Utah (Family History Library film 1004514 item 3).

Directories of heads of households have been published for the major cities. For example, the Family History Library has directories for:


1866-1935 Family History Library film 1377220— 
1941, 1959, etc. Family History Library book 978.2254/O1 E4p


Family History Library film 1035751 item 10
1940, 1960, etc. Family History Library book 978.2293/L1 E4p; film 1320578 item 2 

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