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Nauvoo Family Search Center
1195 Knight Street
Nauvoo, Illinois
Mon - Sat: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Sun: 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Other hours available by appointment
(call or e-mail the contact information shown above)
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Class Schedule

All classes are FREE. Please call the Center at 217-453-6347 to register.

FamilySearch Training Materials

FamilySearch training materials are available online at the link below:

FamilySearch Training Handouts

The materials include:

  • 1 - Family Tree Basics and Navigation
  • 2 - Adding and Editing in Family Tree
  • 3 - Searching for Records in Family Tree
  • 4 - Attaching Sources in FamilySearch
  • 5 - Correcting Relationships & Merging
  • 6 - Submitting Names for Temple Ordinances
  • 7 - Memories - Photos, Documents, Stories, Audio
  • Fun Family History Websites and Activities

Using Ancestors With Tasks and Descendants With Task features in the FamilyTree App (Click the link below:)

Recommended Steps for Reviewing Names Identified Through FamilySearch and Various Apps (Click the link below:)

Finding My Nauvoo Ancestors (Click the link below:)

Past Classes

Online Classes

FamilySearch has over 400 online classes available for everyone from the beginner to the more advanced researcher.

FamilySearch Classes