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=== References  ===
=== References  ===
{{reflist}} '''Adjacent towns: '''''New Haven Co.''  
{{reflist}} '''Adjacent towns: '''''New Haven Co.'' [[Beacon_Falls,_Connecticut|Beacon Falls]] | [[Bethany,_Connecticut|Bethany]] | [[Middlebury,_Connecticut|Middlebury]] | [[Oxford,_Connecticut|Oxford]] | [[Prospect,_Connecticut|Prospect]] | [[Waterbury,_Connecticut|Waterbury]]
{{CTNHa towns}}  
{{CTNHa towns}}  
[[Category:New_Haven_County,_Connecticut]] [[Category:Towns_in_Connecticut]]
[[Category:New_Haven_County,_Connecticut]] [[Category:Towns_in_Connecticut]]

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Naugatuck is a consolidated borough and town in New Haven County, Connecticut, United States.

Brief History

Naugatuck was settled in 1701 as a farming community in rural Western Connecticut. As the Industrial Revolution commenced, Naugatuck was transformed into a hardscrabble mill-town like its neighbors in the Naugatuck Valley. Part of the town was taken to form Town of Beacon Falls.

Historical Data

Town Histories

Vital Records

Probate Records

Naugatuck Probate Districts covers Towns of Naugatuck and Beacon Falls. Constituted July 4, 1863 from Waterbury.

City Directories




Land Records

Town Records


Libraries and Historical Societies


Adjacent towns: New Haven Co. Beacon Falls | Bethany | Middlebury | Oxford | Prospect | Waterbury