Naturalization Records (Digitized Collection within the State Archives of Washington)

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If you are seeking citizenship records for a resident of the state of Washington, use this online index. The coverage, depending on the county, may be from 1854-1988.

An index to various types of naturalization-related records (declarations of intentions, delayed birth files, naturalization affidavits, notifications of application for admission to US citizenship, orders fixing naturalization terms, petitions and records, petitions, receipts for certificates of citizenship, record of final decrees of citizenship and record of petitions dockets) may be found on this site.

Internet address

or perform a search for Washington state digital state archives

Using the site

  • If you want to search through the combined counties, use the global search on the home page.
  • In the Record Series field, choose Naturalization Records.
  • Enter the last name. The given name is an optional choice. (You can use as little as one letter if you need to check for alternate spellings.)
  • On the next screen will appear a results count. Press the small box to the left of Naturalization Records or press the title, Naturalization Records.
  • You will then press the title of the counties to review the naturalization information.



If you wish a photocopy of the original document, you may order online. The cost is $4 plus $1 service fee.


  • Information given on the index varies from the type of document and the time period.
  • Papers may have been submitted in more than one county during the naturalization procedure so you may find records in several counties for the individual you seek.
  • The more recent naturalizations have produced more data.