Moveable Feast Day Calendar for Sweden

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Many times in the Swedish Church Records, a minister recorded events by the appropriate feast day rather than by the calendar date. It then, becomes important to know something about these dates and how to convert them into calendar dates. There are two major categories of feast days, fixed and moveable. Fixed feast days occur on the same date each year and do not vary. An example of a fixed feast day is Christmas which always occurs on December 25 every year with no exceptions. Easter is, however, an example of a moveable feast day because Easter occurs on a different date each year.

To convert a Feast Date that you see in a record to a modern calendar date you can use the following tools:

  • The List of Fixed Feast Days (with the corresponding calendar date)

To use this you must search the alphabetical lists for the Fixed Feast day you want to convert.

To use this you must choose the year you are working in, then search the list of Moveable Feast Days for the corresponding converted date.